‘Wheel of Fortune’: Why Pat Sajak Said He ‘Finally Snapped’ in One Episode

by Emily Morgan

Pat Sajak is known for being the charismatic, easy-going host on the beloved game show “Wheel of Fortune” — yet there was a time when he lost his cool on the show.

Nearly 40 years after his mother appeared on “Wheel of Fortune,” her son, Darin McBain, found himself at the iconic wheel. Although he did exceptionally well during his run, he faced the wrath of Pat Sajak. During the show’s taping back in November, the veteran game show host said he “finally snapped” after he jokingly roasted one of the show’s contestants as “ungrateful.”

During the crossword puzzle segment of “Wheel of Fortune,” he correctly answered, “Cabinet, towels, oven, sink.” However, after winning, McBain did something no one saw coming: he questioned one of the puzzle answers.

“Kitchen oven?” asked McBain. “What was that? Who calls it a “kitchen oven?” While many fans agreed with McBain, with several taking to Twitter to voice their support, Pat Sajak was not happy. So unhappy in fact that he roasted McBain right there on stage.

Pat Sajak Goes Off During ‘Wheel of Fortune’

“Don’t!” Sajak exclaimed. “You won! Don’t argue, Darin!…You got the puzzle. Ungrateful players! I’ve had it!” While Sajak later admitted he was only playing around, he did confess that he “finally snapped.” After the outburst, he later apologized on the show before adding that McBain’s mom, who appeared during Vanna White’s debut episode in 1982, didn’t give “us trouble like you did.”

Online, viewers chimed in on McBain’s argument about the “kitchen oven” while others made fun of Pat Sajak’s outburst.

“Cooking in my ‘kitchen oven.’ But I’m seriously considering a living room oven. Thanks for the idea, @patsajak! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!’ one person tweeted.

Some agreed with McBain’s uncertainty over the puzzle: ‘I agree…who calls it a Kitchen Oven. #WheelOfFortune.”

“The contestant was right! I said The exact same thing before he did! And Pat was just having fun. No harm, no foul,” added another. In addition, some users found Sajak’s outburst humorous: ‘I loved it, Pat is a great host with a sense of humor. No guile in him!’

‘”Ungrateful contestants!” Pat’s not having it tonight. #WheelOfFortune,'” wrote another Twitter user. Another shared the clip on social media, writing: “Oh my @patsajak almost lost it on this dude.”

McBain’s mom was a three-day winner back in 1982. Pat Sajak and Vanna White have hosted “Wheel of Fortune” since it began in 1982. Today, it’s now in its 38th season. Watch the hilarious exchange below.