‘Wheel of Fortune’: Why Vanna White Said Fans View Her as ‘One of Them’ and Not a Star

by John Jamison

Vanna White has been a co-host on “Wheel of Fortune” for nearly 40 years. And there was a time when she was one of the biggest names on television. But many didn’t understand what the big deal about her was. They cited the fact that all she does is turn letters on a game show.

Vanna White has confronted that fact herself, wondering why she gained so much popularity and influence. At the height of her fame, she appeared on magazine covers, became a fashion icon, and inspired a whole generation of young women.

In a 1992 interview, she talked about the nature of her celebrity.

“I never understood it, and I still don’t. All I can guess is that it was the fans who watch and enjoy the show. They’re so loyal,” Vanna said. “The fact that Pat started introducing me at the beginning of the show helped a little bit.”

And she had some ideas as to why the “Wheel of Fortune” fans related to her.

“I’m not a movie star; I’m a television personality,” she said. “Fans see me as one of them, and I am. We’re all created equal. That’s the way I feel.”

Vanna is realistic about her appeal. And she truly is “one of them.” She ended up getting the “Wheel of Fortune” hosting job after she came in trying to be a contestant on the show.

Vanna White Has Had ‘Amazing Journey’ on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

The fact of the matter is, for whatever reason, fans love Vanna White. And she fully understands the role fans have played by continuing to support her and “Wheel of Fortune” in general.

Back in February, the show took to Twitter and shared a special moment that saw Vanna thanking the fans for everything.

“Speaking of amazing journey, you and I have had an amazing journey,” she said to the audience and Pat Sajak. “38 years we have been here together and thanks to all of you watching at home and watching us, that’s why we’ve been on for so long. So thank you so much for this incredible journey that you’ve given us.”