‘Wheel of Fortune’ Winning Contestant Claims ‘Statistically’ There’s Never Been Better Time to Audition

by Madison Miller

For those who have tirelessly auditioned to get on the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune,” it may finally be your time to shine.

However, that seems to be more the case for those who live in the sunny California area. A former contestant on the show, Ryan Muldowney, is a current resident of Los Angeles. He had specifically auditioned for the show after hearing that “Wheel of Fortune” was bringing only local people to the studio stage.

Contestant Talks About Getting on Show

The show has decided to do this amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By minimizing the radius in which contestants selected are from, “Wheel of Fortune” is helping to possibly reduce the overall spread of the virus.

“I’ve always been a fan of ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ and I thought, statistically, there’s never going to be a better chance of getting on the show. I just went on their website and filled out the application and recorded a 45-second video and sent it off to see what would happen,” Muldowney told Butler Radio.

Muldowney understands the television world pretty well. He is a freelance TV writer.

He was a contestant on the April 14 episode. Fans may remember him for almost walking away as another one of the very few $1 million winners. However, he did not complete the puzzle after receiving the million-dollar wedge and also didn’t land on that spot on the bonus wheel. Despite lagging behind for most of the game, he was able to eventually catch up.

Overall, he walked away $14,000 richer and with a future trip to Costa Rica.

According to Best U.S. Casinos, odds play a huge role in landing a spot on any reality TV show or game show. A person’s odds of making it on “Wheel of Fortune” are about 1 in 1,667. This is based on the rough estimate of about 1,000,000 or so applicants and the narrowed down 600 or so that actually appear on the show.

In order to be on the show, applicants must fill out a form and submit a picture to the show. There is also the option of adding a short video explaining why you’d be the perfect fit. The second round would be a virtual audition to test that person’s skill level and overall harmony with the show. If “Wheel of Fortune” approves, that person will get notified that they’re going to appear on the show. However, the waiting time can often be well over a year.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ at Casinos

While it’s hard to get onto the “Wheel of Fortune” stage alongside Pat Sajak and Vanna White, there are other options to win money and experience the money-earning part of the show.

Several casinos around the country have “Wheel of Fortune” themed machines.

For example, a woman from Southern Nevada recently walked away with $240,000 from a “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine at Palace Station in Las Vegas. Delores Raymond was able to make all that money from a $1.25 bet.

She earned the second largest jackpot ever seen with the “Wheel of Fortune” machine at the Palace Station casino. Earlier in April, another person won $600,000 from the Red Rock Resort casino on the “Wheel of Fortune” machine.