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When Does ‘Walker’ Season 2 Premiere on The CW?

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for the Critics Choice Association)

Walker fans won’t have to wait much longer to see more ranch drama. Thanks to a tweet from the show’s official Twitter account, we know when season 2 will premiere.

Posting the news on Twitter last night, Walker season 2 will premiere tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Accompanying the announcement is a bit of a trailer and recap for the upcoming season. Mitch Pileggi, or Bonham Walker, starts the video by saying “A lot has happened at the Walker Ranch” and boy is that putting it lightly.

Before going into the next season, there are a few things you should probably know. Luckily, Looper provides a handy recap of pertinent information for upcoming episodes. One of the most important things to know is the show initially has fans believe someone named Carlos Mendoza killed Emily, Walker’s wife. However, we later find out he in fact took the blame to protect his family. In a twist of fate, Stan Morrison, a family friend, is behind everything. He paid Mendoza to keep quiet and even tried to get Walker killed. Obviously, he failed.

Additionally, Walker’s partner, Micki Ramirez, and her boyfriend Trey Barnett think Mendoza is being targeted for knowing the truth about Emily’s death. They then break him out of the hospital to keep him safe. As a few days pass, Stan says he’s going to talk about his role in Emily’s murder when a sniper shoots him. Not knowing what the sniper’s goal was, Micki considers going undercover, which may strain her relationship with Trey.

Finally, the biggest cliffhanger at the end of the season is being shown someone planted cameras on the Walker ranch to watch them. Who is it, or who are they? Maybe we’ll find out tonight.

Jared Padalecki Celebrates Coming Back for ‘Walker’ Season 2

It seems fans weren’t the only ones celebrating the fact there would be a second season of Walker coming soon. Jared Padalecki admitted being very excited to film the next season, and also very nervous.

Posting a video to his Twitter account last month, Padalecki reported being back on the set. “Hey, y’all. Greetings from Austin from my trailer. Uh, today was day one – my day one – of ‘Walker’ season two. And, uh, I gotta admit – I was nervous,” he began. “I was laughing to (wife Genevieve Padalecki) because I was like, ‘This is my 22nd day one of a season of television in my life and I’m nervous.'”

For those who may not know, Padalecki played Sam Winchester in the hit series, Supernatural. That show alone had 15 seasons, so the fact he still feels nervous about Walker starting back up says how much it means to him. Luckily, his wife told him “You’re gonna be great.” I’m inclined to agree.