When Does ‘Ozark’ Season 4, Part 2 Air on Netflix?

by Samantha Whidden

Following the release of the first half of Ozark’s fourth and final season, fans of the hit Netflix series are wondering when the second part will premiere. 

Men’s Health reveals that while the second part airing date of Ozark has not been confirmed by Netflix, it has examined other shows that the streaming service has done the two-part season approach with. 

The media outlet noted that Netflix’s show Money Heist received the two-part finale season treatment last year. The first part aired in September 2021. The second part was eventually released in December 2021. Another series that Netflix used the two-part model with is Unsolved Mysteries. The first half came out in July 2020. And the second was released in October 2020. 

Men’s Health notes the second half of Ozark’s final season will air around the three-month part. Maybe March, April, or May. 

As previously reported, one of the directors for Ozark, Amanda Marsalis, shared that the second part of the final season will air sometime in May, but didn’t actually share what date. Marsalis notably directed several episodes of the second part of the season. Marsalis declared in an Instagram story, “The beginning of the end! Last 7 episodes will release in May, 4 of which I had the great joy of directing.”

Jason Bateman Spoke About Directing ‘Ozark’ 

During a 2020 interview with IndieWire, Ozark star Jason Bateman discussed directing the show. “It is working out better than I could have ever hoped for. And I had high, high hopes,” he explained. The actor also shared that in the first two scripts that he read, there was a lot of mood. “A lot of danger. A lot of things that I was really curious to see if I could deliver to an audience as a director.”

Prior to Ozark, Bateman had directed nearly a dozen episodes for TV series. This included episodes for Family Matters and Arrested Development. He also directed independent feature films Bad Words and The Family Fang. While speaking about the Netflix series’ appeal to the audience, Bateman said, “The fact that people ended up watching [Ozark] is part that you have zero control over. [But that] encourages us to keep going and make it even better. And slightly more challenging.”

In regards to Ozark’s final episodes, Bateman said he knows how the series will end. “The specifics leading up to it, I didn’t really grind [showrunner Chris Mundy] on. But I was interested in the big question he has the opportunity to answer: Are they going to get away with it, or are they going to pay a bill? What does he want to message to the audience about the consequences of what the Byrdes have done  – or lack thereof?”