Where Is Kevin Costner’s ‘Field of Dreams’ Actually Located and Is It Still There Today?

by Katie Maloney

The movie said “If you build it, they will come.” But are people still visiting The Field of Dreams?

Let’s not even waste time debating whether or not the Field of Dreams is the most iconic baseball movie of all time. It is. Alright, now that we’ve all agreed, let’s talk about the actual field. So, is the Field of Dreams an actual place and, if so, can you still visit it? The answer is yes and yes. In fact, I actually visited the field when I was nine years old and sat in the exact spot on the bleachers where Kevin Costner‘s daughter chokes on the hot dog in the movie. Yes, be very jealous. But you too can visit the legendary hot-dog choking spot or, at least, visit the set of the movie. The Field of Dreams is located in the rolling hills of Northeast Iowa, just 25 miles west of Dubuque along the Mississippi River where Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin meet.

Admission to the field is free and has been since it opened to the public in 1989. However, you can make donations to help pay for maintenance costs, parking fees, and additional projects. During your visit, you can get a glimpse into the life of the movie’s fictional Kinsella family by taking a tour of the home from the movie. Organizers offer a 35-minute guided tour of the house used in The Field of Dreams. Of course, you can also check out the baseball diamond (and the bleachers where the little girl choked). The field hosts all kinds of events year-round including weekly baseball-comedy shows. And after all that, you can stop at The Stretch, the gift shop located on the third base line.

Will Kevin Costner Ever Make Another Baseball Movie Like Field Of Dreams?

Let’s just get one thing straight – there will never be another Field of Dreams. But, there have been and (hopefully) will be other baseball movies that are pretty good too. As of now, Kevin Costner kind of has the monopoly on great baseball movies. In addition to Field of Dreams, Kevin has starred in Bull Durham, about a jaded almost-pro baseball player who can’t let go of the game. He also starred in For Love of the Game where he plays a soon-to-be-retired MLB pitcher on the mound for the last time.

All three movies are great. All three movies perfectly encapsulate the essence of baseball. And all three movies include a love story. What more could we ask for? We could ask for one more Kevin Costner baseball movie. In fact, we are definitely asking for that right now. And it may actually happen. During an interview on Larry King Now in 2016, Kevin Costner casually let it slip that he may have one more baseball movie in the works.

“I think I have one more in me,” said Costner. “It has to do with the Cubs.

King tried to press Costner for more information but Costner deflected.

“I don’t know, I have to get it written,” said Costner.

Although it’s been about five years since that interview and nothing seems to have materialized, we’re still holding out hope. Maybe there will be a new Kevin Costner baseball movie screening at The Field of Dreams in Iowa someday. Remember Kevin, if you film it, they will come.