Which Political Party Does Sam Elliott Support?

by Allison Hambrick

Sam Elliott is gruff–famously so. The 1883 star is known for his plain-spoken and opinionated persona both on and offscreen. So it’s only natural for audiences to wonder: what side of the political aisle does he sit on?

For some folks, they might think the idea of a conservative Sam Elliott makes sense. Based on his status as an iconic western star to his penchant for telling it like it is. However, the truth isn’t so clear cut.

In fact, politics is one of the few topics Elliott routinely avoided commenting on. For the most part, he avoids sharing his beliefs like the plague. Worth noting is that there are two major exceptions to his apolitical tendencies.

Sam Elliott Does a Voiceover for Joe Biden

While Sam Elliott did not endorse the democratic political party, he did lend his voice to President Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Campaign. In October of that year, an advertisement for the Biden campaign aired during the MLB World Series. Immediately, fans recognized the actor’s signature gravelly voice.

“There is only one America, no Democratic rivers, no Republican mountains,” said Elliott in the television spot. “Just this great land and all that’s possible on it with a fresh start. Cures we can find. Futures we can shape. Work to reward. Dignity to protect. There is so much we can do if we choose to take on problems and not each other. And choose a president who brings out our best. Joe Biden doesn’t need everyone in this country to always agree. Just to agree we all love this country and go from there.”

There is no mistaking the intention behind the advertisement. Sam Elliott voiced in support of the candidacy of Joe Biden. However, the central focus of his words was unity.

Has Sam Elliott Ever Endorsed a Political Party?

Interestingly, the theme of the advertisement matches what few things Elliott has expressed regarding political parties. During the Trump Presidency, the 1883 star addressed his feelings towards the polarizing politician.

“Since the election, I’ve found myself turning off the news,” he told Metro in 2017. “And that isn’t a shot at the news, like everybody’s taking. I just don’t want to hear all that s—. I don’t want to hear people yelling at each other on a newscast anymore. I used to watch Fox News and CNN religiously — and equally. Equal amount of time for both of them. But today everyone’s contentious. It’s all contentious. It’s the same with talk radio.”

In addition to explaining how he listens to both sides, Elliott opened up about why he thinks Trump made it into office.

“Everybody’s at odds with each other,” Elliott continued. “And nothing against Trump. I think Trump won because he didn’t have someone running against him that was electable. But he spoke to that vast hole out there that had been neglected forever. I’m not saying anything new; we all know the truth of it. But god, just the fact that this guy could get elected president is mind-boggling. It just shows you the state of the union. I don’t understand why we can’t look at the bigger picture and work for the greater good.”

So Which Side Is He On?

While Elliot expressed his disdain for the climate that elected then-president Donald Trump, the 1883 star did not declare an affiliation to either party. In fact, he felt that both parties were frequently in the wrong, largely because they are more focused fighting each other than making progress.

“Why does one side have to be wrong?” Elliott added. “Why does the other side have nothing to say of value? Center of the road, to me, is where we all need to get back to. You’d hear a lot of people criticize me for that, saying you have to make a commitment, you can’t dance down the middle of the road. Well, s—, if they’re not going to reach across the aisle and at last talk to each other, and work on the art of the compromise, then it’s pretty bleak.”

So which political party does Sam Elliott belong to? He’d probably say that question misses the point entirely.