‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Remake Makes a Leap Forward

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/FilmMagic)

1990s hit film “White Men Can’t Jump” is the latest classic film to join the rapidly growing list of Hollywood remakes.

“White Men Can’t Jump” is a sports comedy film based around the shenanigans of two basketball game hustlers. The movie was a huge turning point in the careers of its two lead actors, Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. The original film was put out for public consumption in early 1992 and became a smash hit. it was the 16th highest-grossing film of 1992 racking up more than $90 million worldwide. The film has been called a “cult classic” by movie reviewers and has drawn lofty praise from film critics. Both Harrelson and Snipes are also praised for their performances as well. The film boosted Harrelson from a television star in “Cheers” to a top Hollywood movie star.

Now, nearly 30 years after the original film hit theaters, a remake of “White Men Can’t Jump” is in the works. The remake took a big step forward this week with Calmatic signing on to be the film’s director. Calmatic most recently directed the remake of another classic, “House Party” a short time ago. The new “White Men Can’t Jump” script is being co-written by Doug Hall and Kenya Barris. Calmatic is mostly known for directing popular music videos but is also an excellent film director. If this remake is a success you will be seeing plenty more of Calmatic in the future.

The original “White Man Can’t Jump” storyline revolved around Harrelson and Snipes’ character. They play two streetball hustlers who first try to hustle each other. Realizing they can both profit from a larger scale operation, they join forces to hustle street basketball teams. The operation relies on Harrelson’s character being white, and therefore, not good at basketball presumably.

‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Remake Has a Director

It will be interesting to see what Calmatic and the film’s writers can come up with. There isn’t a whole lot of information about what changes to expect in the upcoming remake. These types of films typically stay close to the original script but you can bet there will be differences as well.

The 1992 “White Men Can’t Jump” film was so popular that a video game was made from its premise. The game was released by Atari Jaguar after the film became popular. Sportswear industry giant Nike also put out a collection of footwear inspired by the lead characters.

“White Men Can’t Jump” is just one of several 80s and 90s sports films that are getting remakes. “The Mighty Ducks” and a “League of Their Own” also fall into this category.

There is no timeline for production of the film to begin as of yet and a release date reveal is also likely a ways away.