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Who Was Halyna Hutchins? Remembering Cinematographer Killed in Prop Gun Accident on ‘Rust’ Set

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Fred Hayes/Getty Images for SAGindie)

 Halyna Hutchins died yesterday, October 21st while working on the upcoming western Rust. Alec Baldwin discharged a prop gun that killed Hutchins and injured another crew member. Today, the film industry is in mourning.

The world lost a true talent with Hutchins. Her work on films like Archenemy and Blindfire was amazing, and she had been in the business for less than a decade. So, there’s a good chance that Hutchins’ talent behind the camera was still growing.

Take a moment to get a feel for the kind of camera work that Halyna Hutchins orchestrated. Check out the trailer for Archenemy below. Don’t worry so much about what’s going on in the trailer. Just look at how well it was shot. Much of the credit for that goes to Hutchins.

You can tell that Hutchins wasn’t afraid to take on several projects at once by checking her portfolio. When she died, Halyna was working on two short films that are currently in pre-production as well as Rust. Additionally, Halyna Hutchins worked on two documentary shorts that have finished filming.

However, she wasn’t just a cinematographer. Her work history includes several roles behind the camera. It seems like Hutchins could do it all, including acting and directing.

Halyna Hutchins Life Story Reads Like a Movie

Her work isn’t the only thing she left behind. Hutchins left an incredible story in her wake. It’s a shame that we’re just now hearing the story after it was cut short. According to a CNN story, Halyna Hutchins was a woman living a dream that so many people strive for. At the same time, the major events of her life read like a movie.

Halyna Hutchins was a native of Ukraine. However, she spent her earliest years on a Soviet military base in the Arctic Circle. When Hutchins started, she wanted to enter the journalism field. So, she studied at and graduated from Kyiv National University.

She earned a degree in international journalism and started working on documentaries. It was that work that led her to cinematography and later to America to work on a long list of films.

Archenemy Director Reacts to Hutnchins’ Death

Archenemy director Adam Egypt Mortimer spoke fondly of Halyna Hutchins on his Twitter feed yesterday. Mortimer wrote, “I’m so sad about losing Halyna. And so infuriated that this could happen on a set. She was a brilliant talent who was absolutely committed to art and to film.”

This wasn’t the first time he spoke highly of her. When they released the film in 2020, Mortimer committed a Twitter thread to praise Hutchins, who served as the director of photography on Archenemy. Hutchins, Mortimer said, “…has a brilliant mind for light and texture. Her tastes and sensibility of what is cinematic were a huge asset for expressing our style – the grime yet beautiful feeling I referred to as ROMANTIC BRUTALISM.”

It is truly saddening to see a young, talented, and passionate person’s life be cut short due to an accident that should have never happened. The world of cinema will be worse for this loss.