Whoopi Goldberg Slams Bill Maher’s Comments on NFL Playing Black National Anthem

by Samantha Whidden

Days after Bill Maher ranted about the Black National Anthem being played at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboy game, The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg is speaking out against his comments. 

During Monday’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg explained that it feels like everyone has gone backward a good 10-15 years and there needs to be a re-education process. “We’re having to re-educate people about how women want to be talked about. How black people want to be talked about. How Hispanic people want to be talked about.”

That’s when Whoopi Goldberg turned her attention on Maher by stating, “And just so you know, Bill, ‘Lift Every Voice’ has always been considered the Black National Anthem. It’s always been that.”

Goldberg goes on to explain that the separation of anthems are been so clear to her and the black community. “Now, maybe other people don’t feel like that. But I feel like, you know, we have to re-educate and retell people.”

Whoopi Goldberg Also Speaks Out About Maher’s ‘Woke’ Comments

Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t done with Maher’s comments just yet. While chatting with The View guest co-host Mary Katharine Ham, Goldberg also dismissed Maher’s comments about the discussion being “woke.”

“You cannot say that is happening because people are woke,” Goldberg declared. She also said she was never asleep. “So in the culture that I’ve seen, we are fighting because there’s a big gap. You don’t see us as being viable parts of the United States and that’s the problem.”

Goldberg also points out that it’s not just Black Americans who are dealing with the exclusion. “Native Americans and all of the others that we’ve been talking about, women, just the whole thing. So you know what everybody, America? Get it together.”

Although fellow The View co-host Sara Haines understood Maher’s stance on the topic, Joy Behar stepped in and said, “The National Anthem does not appeal to Black America for very good reason.”

Goldberg’s Twitter Followers Respond to the Discussion

Following the Monday morning episode, Whoopi Goldberg and The View’s followers took to Twitter to discuss the topic. One follower wrote, “I really don’t like the man. However, I agree with his point.”

Another Twitter user just stated they totally disagree with having two anthems.

“I’m fine with changing what we have. But it’s got to be one, and only one, that is feared towards unity in America. Not division.”

Maher has yet to respond to Whoopi Goldberg’s comments. The View recently premiered its 25th season. Although there has yet to be an official replacement for former conservative co-host, Meghan McCain, the ladies at the table are welcoming various guest co-hosts for the next few weeks. According to Deadline, among those who are guest-hosting are Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love, Gretchen Carlson, and Alyssa Farah.