Why the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics May Not Help NBC’s Streamer Peacock

by Anna Dunn

The Olympics have always been great for NBC, but this year, they may not help NBC’s streaming service, Peacock.

This is according to a Variety survey, but it doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has seen record low numbers. The TV ratings have taken a nosedive, at least the opening ceremonies did. And it appears that it may not be any better for the streamer to the point where the games may not help rake in new subscribers.

For some numbers: The 2022 Winter Olympic Games raked in 7.25 million viewers during primetime coverage on opening day. The previous game to hit a record low was the 2021 Summer Olympics. The Summer games raked in 8.5 million viewers during opening day.

There are many reasons why people aren’t tuning in to the games this year.

First, some viewers have opted not to tune in due to the International Olympic Committee’s decision to have the Olympic games in Beijing. The genocide against Muslim Uyghurs in China was not enough to stop the IOC from having the games held there. And many, including those at the White House, have taken issue with that.

This Olympic Games is also different than others in a huge way. Just like in the Summer Games, which also had a big drop in ratings, the games this year don’t have an audience in the stands. This takes away a pretty huge element of the games, but it’s all to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As far as TV ratings go, it doesn’t help that people continue to cut their cable plans. They’re doing so in favor of streaming platforms. But unfortunately for NBC, it doesn’t look like Peacock is getting the expected boost it needed to counteract that.

One Athlete Sent Out a Heartfelt Message Following an Injury at the 2022 Winter Olympics

Despite poor viewership, the games are very much underway. But unfortunately for one athlete, her games were brought to a screeching halt before she even got to compete.

Hockey player Brianna Decker broke her ankle and had to get stretchered off the ice before they even got to play their first game.

She recently reached out to fans to thank them for their well wishes and let everyone know that she’ll be alright.

“I would like everyone to know that I am in good hands and have an incredible staff that is taking great care of me. Being surrounded by my sisters is exactly where I want and need to be and know that the road to recovery has already begun due to their friendship and the significant love we share as a team,” she wrote.

Decker’s injury was a difficult moment for team USA, and no doubt devastating for her. But the games must go on and will continue to do so through February 20th.