Why ‘Last Man Standing’ Alum Molly McCook Is Grateful Her Parents Didn’t Let Her Quit School For Acting

by Katie Maloney

Sure, all you “Last Man Standing” fans know that Molly McCook is a great actress.

You may even be able to list some of the other shows she’s worked on including “Glee”, “Monk” “Good Trouble” and “The Ranch.” But did you know that her parents were also famous actors? That’s right, Molly’s the daughter of actors John McCook and Laurette Spang. John is best known for his work on daytime soap operas including  “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless.” Laurette is best known for portraying the character Cassiopeia in the original “Battlestar Galactica.” 

So did Molly McCook’s parents push her to be an actress? During a recent podcast interview, Molly revealed that her parents weren’t actually big fans of her becoming an actor.

“My parents were like please don’t do this,” said Molly with a laugh. “I was the baby of the family. And my siblings definitely liked more behind-the-scenes kinds of things. And I, as a kid, always liked being the center of attention. So, I think they knew they were in for it.”

Molly said that her parents were supported and provided resources to help develop Molly’s acting talents. But they never pushed her into the industry.

“But yea, no there was no pressure whatsoever,” said Molly. “I, as a kid, really wanted to be in the industry. I wanted to sing and act and be on the stage or on tv. So, they kind of threw me in acting classes.”

Molly McCook Wanted To Quit School To Pursue Acting

While in class, Molly McCook met countless child stars who already had their own television shows.

“And I was in a class with a bunch of kids who had their own Disney and Nickelodeon shows and they were homeschooled,” said Molly. “So I said, ‘I don’t want to be in school. I want my own tv show.’ And my parents were like, ‘Absolutely not, but you can stay in acting class.'”

Molly added that she’s grateful that her parents pushed her to stay in school while working to become an actor.

“Looking back, I’m so glad. I’m so, so, glad that I stayed in school all the way through high school,” said McCook. “And I didn’t get an agent or professionally start auditioning until I was 15. Even so, it was a really slow start. And that was what they were trying to teach me was like, how hard the industry is. It’s not like you can open your eyes and have your own tv show.”

Whether or not they were on board with her acting dreams initially, Molly McCook said that her parents are incredibly proud of her work today.

“But they were also so proud and so executed because we could relate. And they would sit in the front row of any performances and hold each other’s hands and just be so proud of me,” said Molly. “So, yea, I was very lucky.”