Why ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Think the Show Is Losing Steam

by Michael Freeman

Having been on the air since 1999, Law & Order: SVU is still going strong. That being said, some fans don’t think so anymore. In fact, some of the show’s longtime fans talked about why they believe the show has been losing steam lately.

With more than two decades of history behind it, Law & Order: SVU is still avidly watched today. Nonetheless, many fans don’t like the direction the show is going, nor how the format has changed. In a Reddit thread titled “criticism of the show from a longtime fan,” a poster criticized many of the show’s newer aspects. These include character shifts, the renovated sets, and some characters not getting enough screen time.

“I feel like the episodes are becoming less and less good?” they began. “I hate the new renovation of the sets for example the police squad room. Also what I hate about SVU is the constant character shifts. “Continuing, they note missing the dynamic George Huang brought to the table. “I also miss when the show would have Huang help them on cases by interrogating suspects/ speaking to victims. I felt like seeing him use his skills as a psychiatrist was very entertaining imo.”

Commenters seem to agree, with one noting the ADAs the show goes through, as well as Huang being “universally beloved.” Another point that is unanimous in the thread is how for seasons 1-12, the show was the “perfect naptime show.” One user said that you could take a nap and when you woke up, you wouldn’t be confused or lost. Current seasons have so many character stories and plotlines, new viewers can be overwhelmed.

Considering the show has been on for more than 21 years, it’s only natural the new direction wouldn’t rub every fan the right way.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Discuss Which Characters They Wish Had Lived on the Show

Law & Order: SVU fans have been busy the past week it seems. In addition to talking about what they dislike about later seasons, they also recently discussed which characters they wish hadn’t died.

If you’re a longtime fan, you likely know what is coming. If not, you may want to stop reading because of spoilers. Fans discussed the show’s deaths in another Reddit thread titled “Characters that you think did not have to be killed off of SVU?” Though a number of characters were mentioned, the standouts seem to be Sister Peg and Elliot Stabler’s wife, Kathy.

Fans especially lament Sister Peg’s death both by the fact it happened at all and it being “overshadowed by Stabler leaving.” Many commenters agree, saying things like she “was too pure for this world” and “she was perfect.” People there feel the same about Kathy, saying the writers could have simply written her off or said she and Elliot divorced.

Agent Dodds dying personally hit me in the feels, but I don’t want to talk about it.