Why ‘Ozark’ Fans Can’t Get Enough Of This New Villain

by Chase Thomas

Only seven episodes remain of “Ozark” before the show concludes later in 2022. Because the show has lasted for four seasons, there has been a copious amount of time for villains to rise and for villains to fall. One of the new risers, though, is Javi Novarro. He is the nephew of Omar in the cartel, but he could not be more different. While Omar is seen as a more calm, calculated leader, Javi is more of a wildcard. He loses control of his temper faster. He also has lines that crack up fans, as one “Ozark” fan mentioned in a thread on Reddit, “You’re the sheriff? Like, The Sheriff…Wow.”

He’s very confident and very ego-driven and wants the power that comes with being atop the cartel. However, Javi makes the boldest move yet at the end of that first part of the fourth season. The move he makes on Ruth Langmore’s family figures to play a pivotal role in the final seven episodes.

Alfonso Herrera told Vulture, “That area, that relationship that he has with his mother. Javier now understands, or at least he feels, this aura of power. When I received the episodes from 8 to 14, I just couldn’t stop reading. They saved the best for last. It’s going to be a grand finale.” He loves the power and loves being in charge. However, his moves are going to be very different than his uncle’s. Now, he has Ruth Langmore and perhaps the Byrdes in his crosshairs.

He continued, “This character is a guy who needs to feel comfortable in his skin. Because of that, yes, on the scale of Javier, he could be eating pastries one moment, and two seconds later he could be doing something completely different. It scratches a little bit at the image of a psychopath.” This is what makes Javi such a terrifying character on the show. He can do both and change at a moment’s notice.

The reason Javi is in this position, to begin with, is because of Agent Maya Miller going role. Her decision to sabotage the deal between Omar and the FBI figure to have lingering effects on the final seven episodes. Miller could have stuck with the deal and the Byrdes would have had a clean exit from the cartel and back to their normal lives. Instead, though, she went rogue and that changed everything for her and the Byrdes.

Will Javi go after Miller for her actions against her uncle? Will the Byrdes work with Ruth to get back at Javi for crossing the line with her family? This is what so many fans are so curious about in these final seven episodes. You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.