Why Paul McCartney Believes in ‘The Power’ and Healing Abilities of Elvis Presley’s Music

by Jon D. B.

From one legacy to another, Paul McCartney cites the music of Elvis Presley as one of the greatest examples of the “healing power” of music.

Back in February, PaulMcCartney.com sat down with the man himself for a sort of Inception-esque interview. As the world saw glimmers of hope through COVID-19 vaccinations, the site’s team saw it fit to check in on their own with the question: “How are you? How’s everyone doing?”

It’s as common a question in 2021 as it was throughout 2020. Now, thankfully, the world feels at least a bit more hopeful than it did the year prior. For Paul McCartney, however, this hope was never lost.

In spirit of this, McCartney gives a beautiful answer in the interview’s final question, citing the late icon that is and was Elvis Presley without any baiting. When asked how Paul himself views music – specifically if he finds “music helpful” – the legendary musician answers without a hitch.

Yeah, definitely. I think music is a great healer,” McCartney answers in earnest. “I think that you can be feeling terrible, then put on a piece of music you like and get swallowed up by it. You can go in into the mood of the music and it’s a magical thing,” he continues.

“I remember once… When I was a kid, I was hanging out with my mate from school and I had a headache, and we put on an Elvis record – ‘All Shook Up’ – and at the end of the record I didn’t have the headache!” he adds. To be a fly on the wall for that moment!

“So, I’ve always believed in that power,” McCartney offers for his official site.

Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, and Eternal Optimism

To this end, the icon, every bit the idol Elvis Presley was and remains, says he has “always been an optimistic person.”

Why? “Because I don’t like the alternative!” he lauds. For McCartney, “even when you go through crisis after crisis, you still come out the other end,” he says. “No matter how bad you’re feeling it can often work out OK.”

For countless millions, the music of Paul McCartney, The Wings, and The Beatles, of course, is every bit the “great healer” that Elvis Presley’s library remains. And much of that, it seems, comes from the eternal optimism of one Paul McCartney, who continues to pour every ounce of hope he possesses into everything he does.

“Something I’ve learned is that life’s good, really, but we often screw it up,” the icon continues. “So I try to tell myself and other people that if we can just work on not screwing it up, it’s going to be better for us and everyone else.”

In the end, Paul McCartney will “always try and see the good side,” or “the silver lining,” as he puts it, in everything.

“And if you’re lucky, it arrives.”