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Why ‘SEAL Team’ Star Says Show is ‘As Real as It Gets’ for Television

by Matthew Memrick
Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

“SEAL Team” actor Judd Lormand said his show was “as real as it gets” for television and used his three children to tell a story about it in 2019.

Lormand told Pop Culturist that he wanted to work on a kid’s animated feature to say their dad voiced a guy in a particular movie when he had children.

Well, the “SEAL Team” actor wanted to do a superhero movie too. And after Lormand worked on a few episodes of the show, he realized his kids would one day see him on a TV show playing a superhero.

Lormand said it had been a great, humbling experience working with vets on the show in every department. The detail the actor said that the show puts in is amazingly authentic.

“If the SEALs wouldn’t do something, then it’s not going to happen — everything from holding the gun the right way to planning out these missions,” Lormand said. “If it’s not real, we don’t do it. It’s a privilege to portray individuals who have done this for our country.”

Lormand has had his fair share of good movie and TV roles, too. He’s starred on the big screen in more than 70 films like “LBJ” and “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.” Over the years, he’s also had some minor roles in shows like “American Horror Story” and “NCIS: New Orleans.”

‘SEAL Team’ Actor Has Lots Of Appeal

Lormand’s Eric Blackburn character has found his way into the hearts of many “SEAL Team” fans.

At first, Blackburn had a guest character role, but he became a series regular as the series progressed. According to IMDB, he’s been in 76 episodes.

“I think everyone’s approach to Blackburn changed,” Lormand said. “His role was to give the team their mission and to help them get out of trouble when they’re on the ground: that was his purpose. I don’t think any of us saw the potential right away.”

‘SEAL Team’ Actor Invests Time Into Roles

With the new role came more physical acting for Lormand, too. He had already worked on the character’s mentality and related to other “SEAL Team” characters. But Lormand said he needed to be forward-thinking about who Blackburn was. The role called for Blackburn to be a thinker and a strategist.

But then he had to train with the rest of the guys to get into active-duty shape. He said the role has “been a journey throughout season one and even currently.”

Along the way, he’s developed into a well-rounded “SEAL Team” character with every script, saying, “every time I talk to a different person who’s done this type of job, you add it to your repertoire.”

 It also helps that Lormand has worked as an acting coach in the past, working with current stars like Karrie Martin Lachney (Netflix’s Gentefied)