Why ‘Storage Wars’ Has a Western Theme

by Jonathan Howard

Over on A+E, Storage Wars has entertained for quite some time. Since it set out, the show has had a Western theme and feel about it. From some of the fashion to the theme song, and more.

The Dotsons, Laura and Dan, are two of the stars of the show. It is Dan that rocks the cowboy hat, or something related. When speaking with Monsters & Critics, the husband and wife talked about the show. With these comments, it makes sense why the show has that Western tilt.

“When I met Danny, he put on that cowboy hat and cowboy boots and I just thought, ‘Oh, I love this.'” Laura began. “And it’s not just the California guy putting it on, he’s really got roots from that.”

However, Dan, or Danny as she says, has his own style. It is never just straight up Western wear. He usually has to add his own flair and personality to his outfits.

“And what is neat about it is that Danny puts his own spin on it. So, it might not be a traditional cowboy hat; it’s a little more steampunk. But when he put that hat on I said, ‘I love it. What a neat look.'”

While Dotson has been doing his thing as an auctioneer for many years, it runs in his blood too. He has been the main man on A&E’s reality series and the face of Storage Wars in many ways. 13 seasons don’t happen for no reason. It is that cowboy spirit in Dotson that makes him so intriguing.

‘Storage Wars’ Dan Dotson: ‘Cowboy’s all inside me’

On Storage Wars Dan is the man who gets things going. The auctioneer has a long and proud family history. He detailed that history and his cowboy influence.

“Our family was originally French, and in the 1800’s we used to bring cattle from Arkansas to California. And we’d feed the miners and we registered the first cattle brand in Tulare County, California in 1847. So, the cowboy’s all inside me, not that much outside. So, I come from a long line of cowboys. In 1857 we brought 40 wagons, 28 families, 900 head of horses, and thousands of cattle across the United States.”

During the conversation, Dotson was also quick to talk about his parents and his upbringing. Being the son of an auctioneer in his mother and having an auctioneer grandfather clearly had an influence on the famous fast talker. It was back in 1983 when he founded his first company, American Auctioneers. He started selling storage units while others sold cars or heavy equipment.

It was that company and that lifestyle that led him to be on Storage Wars. Leaving his own legacy in his wake.