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Why This ‘Gold Rush’ Scene With Mitch Blaschke Left Fans Scratching Their Heads

by Amy Myers
(Photo by J R Ripper/Brazil Photos/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Usually, Parker’s Schnabel’s teammates work pretty well together without too much conflict, but one comment that Gold Rush mechanic Mitch Blaschke made had fans rewinding the episode to be sure they heard him correctly.

This past season, Schnabel’s crew has suffered some serious mechanical and operational issues that have put them behind schedule. But each time, the resilient team recovered from the obstacle. At first, Blaschke advocated for more crew members, regardless of their experience, at the site to help them get back on track. While the additional hands would definitely help with productivity, having some fresh faces on the site increases the chances of human error and machine malfunctions.

Still, the Gold Rush boss went forward with the mechanic’s proposed plan and hired some inexperienced workers. Sure enough, the team was able to get more paydirt to the wash plant at a faster rate. However, it came at a price. A new worker named Tatiana banged her lifter into another vehicle.

Thankfully, the damage wasn’t too severe, and really, Blaschke was understanding of the situation. Afterward, though, he told the camera, “nobody’s come here with a resume, so that’s gonna make things real tough.”

Well, wasn’t that his suggestion? Fans took to Reddit when they listened to the Gold Rush mechanic’s response, wondering why he seemed to change his tune.

One fan wrote, “Mitch at the start of the episode: ‘Parker we need people.’ P: ‘Mitch I can’t get people with experience right now’ M: ‘I don’t care if they don’t have experience, we can train them!'”

The Gold Rush watcher continued, “Mitch in the middle of the episode: ‘People don’t come with a resume here. I hope Parker knows what he’s doing.'”

Another added, “Picked that out. Say one thing, retract it moments later.”

What Else Has ‘Gold Rush’ Fans Talking?

Meanwhile, on the show’s Subreddit, Gold Rush fans have also recently discussed Schnabel’s competitor, Rick Ness, and a crucial mistake he made. While digging for the next layer of paydirt, Ness completely missed the rich layer of dirt that had flecks of gold. But what Ness missed Gold Rush fans clearly saw.

“As soon as they showed the excavator from the outside, I said out loud ‘that is paydirt!'” One fan said in a discussion of the episode. “I mean it was solid river rock, all the way up the side of the wall above Rick’s head when he got out to look at it. How does a guy who has been doing this for years and years not recognize pay?”

Another shared, “My entire experience with gold mining is watching this tv programme and even I could see it was pay!”

One even added a hilarious pun, “Because it was above his pay grade?”

If Ness really did fail to see the paydirt, he may need to take some notes from Reddit fans.