Why ‘True Detective’ Fans Are Still Rushing to Season 2’s Defense

by Chase Thomas

“True Detective” Season 1 is still widely regarded as one of the best seasons of television. It starred both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as the main leads of the program. However, Season 2 starred far more characters that included Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell and company. Of the three seasons, Season 2 is most heavily debated by fans. Well, some “True Detective” fans are still rushing to Season 2’s defense.

One fan on Reddit wrote, “The first time I watched it, I was disappointed. Season 1 was just, exceptional. Hard to follow that and try to live up to it. But, after a recent re watch of season 2, I have to say I enjoyed it. Going to watch season 3 again soon, I liked it first time. I think season 2 just had too much to live up to, at the time. JMHO, but acting, story, and character growth were still good in season 2. Better than a lot of stuff out now.”

It was set up for disappointment for a lot of folks. What the OP is suggesting is that the hype was strong. Perhaps too strong following the success of the first season. It was too much to live up to and it may not have gotten a fair shake because of how popular Season 1 was.

However, it wasn’t just fans of the program that didn’t really enjoy it.

Woody Harrelson on “True Detective”

Woody Harrelson told EW, “It was pretty amazing because I had not thought about doing television from the time I did Cheers, and then I did like seven episodes on Will and Grace.” He thought he was done with that part of his life. Instead, though, the script drew him and Matthew to TV and working that first season.

He continued, “I was not really wanting to do television. Well, it wasn’t television, it was HBO. So I feel lucky about that. I was, you know, kind of disappointed that the second season wasn’t as… but now the third season, which I’ve only seen the first four episodes because I’ve been working, but I’m really psyched about the third season. I’d like it to keep going.”

He had his issues with it. He does not dive into what exactly, though. The cast was strong for the second season. However, the show did take a lot of different turns and routes in that second season. Folks did not like how confusing the storyline could be. There was a lot more confusion and a lot more characters, especially with the property purchases and whatnot. It had a bunch of moving parts, while Season 1 felt more like one consistent, long movie.

You can watch “True Detective” on HBO Max.