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‘Wicked Tuna’: Captain Bobby Earl Gives Tour of ‘New and Improved’ Reel E. Buggin Boat

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

When fishing for Atlantic bluefin tuna the Wicked Tuna crews need boats that can withstand anything that might be thrown their way. For one crew on the show, a new boat awaits them for the upcoming season. Bobby Earl showed off his new and improved Reel E’ Buggin’ and all the little perks and rooms.

Over on the Wicked Tuna Twitter page, the show shared a video tour of the boat. Captain Bobby Earl took the cameras around the 1984 Hatteras. The boat measures 60 feet long and has all kinds of amenities. The tour showed a common area where many of the crew sleep. Back in the kitchen, there is a full set. A fridge, stove, range, microwave, and sink. Of course, there’s also the prized coffee maker which Earl calls, “The most used thing in the boat.”

Based out of Morehead City, NC the 37-year-old boat is updated for modern-day living and fishing. There are several, small sleeping quarters and a master bedroom for Captain Earl. This season, Earl and his crew will look to take the season win. Back in Earl’s first season on the show, Reel E’ Buggin’ took home the title. After catching 15 tuna, Earl’s crew won over Adam Price of Offshore Outlaw.

One of the best parts of the boat has to be the small tool room. When on the water, emergencies can happen. That means having tools at the ready is important. While it may seem like fishing bluefin tuna is a dream job, it takes a lot of hard work and investment.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Heads for New Season

With a new season coming up, Captain Bobby Earl is ready. With a new boat and a confident attitude, Earl could find himself back on top at the end of the season. When Earl came in and took the season title in his first season ever on the show, he marked himself as one of the best tuna Captains off the coast of North Carolina.

However, it won’t be easy for Captain Earl to win the upcoming Wicked Tuna season. Greg Mayer and his boat Fishin’ Frenzy have dominated the area over the years. Although, Tyler McLaughlin could repeat as champion. He also has three runner-up titles over the years on Outerbanks. A new boat and a new resolve should help Captain Earl.

When out on the water of the Atlantic, conditions can get rough. A proper boat can keep a crew safe and reel in as many fish as the crew can handle. Hooking a fish isn’t always a guaranteed catch, and the large fish get away from the line more than a few times. A stubborn and determined attitude is required to go through such a harsh season and conditions. Catch up on prior seasons by streaming the show or catching it on National Geographic.