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‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Bobby Earl Worked on Wall Street After His Time in the Navy

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Before Wicked Tuna star Bobby Earl became the captain of the Reel E’ Bugging, he held a wide variety of jobs that had nothing to do with his current industry. A man of many talents and passions, his resume boasts a past in the Navy, on Wall Street and in the bed bug business. Each career taught him different vital skills that made him the tuna fisherman he is today.

Even though Earl didn’t get his start in the tuna industry until a bit later in his professional life, fishing was still an integral part of his younger years. Originally from Queens, New York, the Wicked Tuna star spent much of his childhood casting a reel from a pier and catching bluefish or flounder. It wasn’t until high school that the fledgling fisherman started making plans for the future, and his first interest was joining the nation’s armed forces. Once Earl received his high school diploma, he enlisted in the Navy for four years. Though it’s unclear just where the Wicked Tuna captain was stationed, it is apparent that his four years have helped him become a dedicated, fierce competitor on the water.

Following his service, Earl decided to put his number skills to use on Wall Street, taking up a career as a financial planner in the “bank brokerage arena.” For years, the future fisherman wore a suit and tie and traveled to his office at Citicorp Investments every morning.

“I did that forever and at the height of my career I was a regional sales manager on the finance side,” the Wicked Tuna star told Military News. “I had about 100 financial planners reporting to me.”

‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Makes One More Career Change Before Taking Up an Off-Shore Office

When the stock market crashed in 2007, Earl lost his job as regional sales manager.

“All my stock options were worthless and we all got laid off,” the Wicked Tuna star shared. “I went back to Citibank as a broker with no clients because I was a regional manager for so long.”

At the time, the change in financial climate was surely devastating, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Soon enough, a friend in the bed bug extermination business approached Earl and offered him a job. At first, Earl was hesitant to make such a drastic career change. Eventually, though, he would agree, and the former Wall Street financial planner traded his suit and tie for a khaki jumper.

“I opened my own business in my son’s name in 2008 and we did very well,” Earl said.

In his off time, the future Wicked Tuna star chased bluefins on his tuna boat.

“My escape was to go fishing, first with little 17-22 footer boats and then I bought a 38 footer and called it Reel E’ Bugging,” the captain said.

Once again, Earl made a significant career change and became a full-time fisherman. Though, this time, the change was for good.