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‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Dave Carraro Fired Back at Competitors Saying He is ‘Lucky’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

Wicked Tuna Captain Dave Carraro has been at this tuna fishing game for a long time. And he takes offense when people say that he is “lucky.”

Dave Carraro is the Captain of FV-Tuna and one of the main cast members on the National Geographic hit TV show, Wicked Tuna. The show follows the lives of Carraro and other fishermen as they travel the islands of the North Carolina coast. They are all in search of one prize — the giant bluefin tuna.

As for Carraro, he has been at this whole fishing thing for basically his entire life. He was born in Tinton, New Jersey, and it was there that he first developed a passion for the waters. He and his father would often go on fishing trips to various ponds, lakes, and, of course, the ocean. Carraro was just 13 years old when he caught his first ever bluefin tuna. Ever since that day, the Wicked Tuna star dreamed of making a career out of fishing.

No Luck Involved in the Making of ‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Dave Carraro

Now we all know that Dave Carraro ended up doing just that. Not only did he make a career out of fishing, but he has also since become one of the most successful tuna fishermen in the country. That skill helped him land a role on the popular fishing reality show, Wicked Tuna.

So, could it really all be luck that Dave Carraro is so successful at what he does? Probably not. After all, Carraro has spent quite literally his entire life mastering the art of fishing. That’s why he dislikes it when people call him “lucky.” He explained as much during a 2015 interview with Hollywood Soapbox.

“A lot of other boats say that we’re just lucky,” Carraro told the outlet. “It’s not luck. It’s what we do, and it’s how we do it. It’s how we rig our baits. It’s a lot of perseverance. We grind. We work hard, but there are definitely things that we do differently on the Tuna.com that other boats don’t do. It’s basically a trade secret.”

Still not convinced that Dave Carraro is one of the most dedicated people in the country to his respective craft? Well, just wait there’s more.

According to the FV-tuna.com crew’s official website, Dave Carraro is even more than just a skilled fisherman. He’s also an airline instructor pilot and he even holds a designation of Captain at Jetblue Airways. He has more than 25 years of flying experience and he can fly various kinds of commercial and private jets.

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