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‘Wicked Tuna’: Captain Greg Explains His ‘Simple Motto When It Comes to Fishing’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Looking for advice for the next fishing season? Wicked Tuna captain Greg Mayer has you covered. Mayer and his vessel, Fishin’ Frenzy have been chasing after bluefin tuna since 2002. With nearly two decades of experience, he’s created a remarkable reputation for himself both on land and on the water. Through the years, the captain has sported a single motto that has carried him through his success.

“You can’t catch them between the pylons.”

Need a Wicked Tuna translation?

“If you’re not in the ocean, you’re not gonna catch s—.”

While the words of wisdom are fairly simple, that doesn’t make them any less accurate. Patience and perseverance are two core qualities any angler needs to have – patience when the fish is fighting on the hook and perseverance when you come home empty-handed.

Of course, every Wicked Tuna star wants to return to the docks with a 200-pound monster tuna on board, but oftentimes, they have to change out their melted ice and get right back on the water. It can be taxing on the mind and body when the third or fourth trip in a row is still unsuccessful, but that’s also what makes bluefin such a rewarding catch. That’s also the reason why few anglers are quite as good as the Wicked Tuna captains.

And Mayer knows that his competitors will be looking for his fall from grace.

“I’ve got a reputation to uphold,” he said. “People are always looking at the red boat.”

‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Struggles to Bring Home the Bluefin

One Wicked Tuna captain that could benefit from Mayer’s moxie is Nick Gowitzka of the Little Shell. As the season comes to a close, Gowitzka and his crew are desperate to find a herd of bluefin. As time slips away, the anglers are pushing themselves to their absolute maximum to try and secure a few more fins.

“The quota’s dwindling on down. I heard it’s gonna be over pretty soon,” the captain shared. “It’s been a lot harder to land them, but we won’t know unless we try.”

Concerned he may miss his window to catch anymore big fish, the captain detailed just how tense the situation was on the water in a new Wicked Tuna clip.

“The tension on every boat is as high as it gets for the season. We’re really exhausted. Quotas are getting ready to be closed and the competition is as close as I’ve ever seen it,” Gowitzka said. “But there is no stopping, so we’ve got to go hard and we’ve got to try and land a fish.”

Meanwhile, owner and first mate Cliff Spencer echoed his captain’s worries, noting, “It could be our last fish any day now. We’ve battled back up through the season. We got down in last place and we’ve come back, and we’re doing good. We just can’t skip a beat now.”

“We gotta stay on our A-game.”