‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Jimmie Horning Demands Respect as He Braves Choppy Waters

by Amy Myers

When you’re on Wicked Tuna, the only number that matters is the length of that bluefin. Just because Jimmie Horning is one of the younger captains on the show doesn’t mean his competitors should count him out of the game. Captain of the Hog Wild tuna vessel, the 22-year-old has made some big waves on the Atlantic with his success. Since Horning began his fishing career with his dad, Jimmie Horning Sr., he’s made it clear that he’s the type of guy you can trust to reel in the big fins.

Now as a formidable fisherman alongside the other Wicked Tuna stars, Horning is proving once again that his young age won’t keep him from taking risks. Recently, on another journey out into the Graveyard of the Atlantic, the 22-year-old captain stared down some rough seas to get to the sweet spot where the bluefin lie.

In an exclusive clip from Wicked Tuna, Horning steered himself and his first mate into choppy waters and fog-filled air. Though from his demeanor, he doesn’t seem phased by the perilous conditions one bit.

Watch the Hog Wild navigate tough conditions with ease in the video below.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Says He’s Still ‘Trying to Prove’ Himself

Like many of the stars on Wicked Tuna, Horning’s love for the chase began at a young age. At just five years old, the future captain began fishing with his father. He cut his teeth on bluefish and Spanish Mackerel. Just ten years later, the fishing prodigy took over as captain for the family’s charter fishing trips. Now with a vessel of his own, Horning stands beside first and “best” mate, Trey Robinson. Like Horning, Robinson grew up on the Outer Banks docks and learned how to hold a reel before he could walk.

The experience with his family’s charter boat certainly helped Horning gain confidence before joining the big competitors on the show, but the young captain still felt that the others underestimated his abilities on the water.

“Still kind of trying to prove myself,” Horning said in the clip from Wicked Tuna. “It’s the big leagues. Here I am competing with everybody I learn from, everybody I’ve listened to and everybody I’ve looked up to.”

Currently, Hog Wild and fellow competitor Little Shell are tied in last place for this season’s catches, but that doesn’t discourage the young captain. In fact, it only makes him more determined.

“I’ve gotta get out here and show these guys I’ve got what it takes to be the best boat in this fleet,” the Wicked Tuna star shared. “This could be the turning point for the Hog Wild when we start climbing the ladder like we need to.”