‘Wicked Tuna’: Dave Marciano Listed Off the Benefits of Becoming a TV Star

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Since becoming a Wicked Tuna star in 2012, Dave Marciano has created quite the fanbase rooting for him each time he takes the Hard Merchandise onto the Atlantic. The Massachusetts native has become quite the competitor for the southern boats in North Carolina. However, whenever he interacts with other anglers through the radio, he’s always courteous and respectful. Though, he might talk a little smack to his crew members every now and then.

Because of his polite demeanor, quick wit, and, of course, envious bluefin skills, Marciano has become a household name in the fishing world. Because of all of his success from Wicked Tuna, he’s had quite a few “perks” along the way.

“The perks are we kind of have little things come into place like endorsements,” the Wicked Tuna star shared with Boston Magazine. “We’re getting fishing tackles and companies like that reach out to us. As a fisherman, that’s pretty cool.”

While he remains a humble TV star, he isn’t afraid to use his reputation towards his charter business that runs after tuna season.

“Obviously too, my charter business has gotten a really big bump. Not many charter boat operators have an opportunity to, essentially, make it commercial,” Marciano said.

Tuna season tends to bring in the big bucks, as captains can bring home thousands of dollars for a large fish with quality meat. However, the job doesn’t always offer a stable income. So, anglers of Wicked Tuna often supplement the rest of the year’s income with charter trips. This allows the captains to take advantage of other popular fishing seasons, like Spanish Mackerel and bluefish. But, as we know, there’s no chase quite as thrilling or rewarding as bluefins.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Names Biggest Competition on the Show

Once tuna season starts in the Outer Banks, there’s no time for endorsements or other perks. Marciano is dead-set on bringing in the biggest and most amount of bluefins. While every angler on Wicked Tuna is a formidable competitor, Marciano named one boat and captain in particular as his biggest competition over the years.

“As usual, Dave Carraro of FV-Tuna.com is a top fisherman, not to say all of the other captains aren’t top notch fisherman,” Marciano expressed.

Carraro is a New Jersey native that, like Marciano, comes down to the Outer Banks for bluefin season. To date, the captain holds the record for most season wins with five under his belt. Despite Carraro’s impressive record, Marciano might just beat him this season.

“I can’t say who caught what, but it’s going to be a very exciting season to say the least,” he said. “We have more fish on film that we caught than any other season prior.”