‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Dave Marciano Shows Off His Massive ‘Solo’ Tuna Catch in Epic New Video

by Amy Myers

“I love the smell of tuna guts in the morning,” Wicked Tuna captain Dave Marciano told fans in a clip on Twitter earlier today. The expert angler panned his camera to show a humongous bluefin strapped to the boat by its tail.

The star fisherman of the Atlantic was thrilled to boast his brand new “solo” catch without any crew on board to help.

Take a look at Marciano’s catch in his video below.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Fans Admire Marciano’s Sense of Style

With all of the steps and hard work it takes to bring a truly wicked tuna on board, it’s no wonder captains don’t usually go out on the water alone. Still, Marciano managed to have the energy and accuracy to fight and spear the fish by himself. That’s definitely worthy of praise.

Fans on Twitter were just as impressed as us.

“Love the add on to your stern” one fan wrote.

“Well done Dave, love your work,” said another.

Others instead found Marciano’s headwear to be a bit more fascinating than his solo catch.

“You are still Captain of the ‘Calvary’ Safe Travels and Tails Up !!” another user said, referring to the Wicked Tuna star’s official Army Calvary hat.

“Man, I hope I’m half as cool as this when I’m older. #wellhatted,” a younger fan shared.

A Cav Hat and a ginormous bluefin catch? We wish we were that cool, too.

Captain Dave Marciano Expresses Appreciation for First Mate

When he’s not on a solo trip, Dave Marciano has at least one extra set of hands-on the Hard Merchandise to bring in the money-making fish. Typically, that’s first mate and nephew Jason Muenzner. With Muenzner manning the rods, Marciano can focus on steering the vessel towards the tuna. Then once the duo has a bite on the line (or even two if they’re lucky), they can trade off on cranking the reel and getting the spear and gaff hook ready.

Perhaps Marciano’s first mate was somewhere on a beach rather than a boat. Or maybe, he took the day off. After all, it is Labor Day. Whatever the reason for fellow Wicked Tuna star’s absence, his captain probably missed having him by his side.

The two work together like a shark and a remora fish, helping and strengthening each other while navigating the ocean. In the past, Marciano even expressed his deep appreciation for his nephew’s help on a past episode of Wicked Tuna, calling him “top-notch.”

“Not only does he show up when fishing’s good, he sticks in there when things get tough,” the Hard Merchandise captain shared.