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‘Wicked Tuna’: Dave Marciano’s Explanation of How Technology Doesn’t Help Crew Find Fish

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Here’s why ‘Wicked Tuna’ star Captain Dave Marciano only relies on one piece of equipment while fishing.

Technological advances have changed almost every industry across the world over the last few decades. But there are a few professions that still rely solely on age-old practices and developed skills. Tuna fishing is one of those professions. In fact, “Wicked Tuna” star Dave Marciano explained exactly why advances in technology don’t really help his crew at all. He added that there’s one piece of equipment that is essential for his work, but anything else doesn’t really benefit him.

“Not really. We have the ‘fish finder’ on the boat, which is just a machine used to look in the water below the boat. But that doesn’t really find the fish,” said Marciano during an interview. “It’s up to me to find the fish, that machine just tells me whether I’m right or not.”

The “Wicked Tuna” star added that the ‘fish finder’ is one piece of equipment that he’d never want to go without.

“People have asked me, ‘What’s the most important piece of equipment you have?’ Literally, for a guy like me, that sounding machine is comparable to a hammer for a carpenter. Without that sounding machine, I’m blind as to what goes on under the boat.”

‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Dave Marciano Drops Some Crazy Tuna Facts

In order to risk your life for some tuna, you have to have some sort of interest in the fish. That is certainly the case for “Wicked Tuna” star Captain Dave Marciano. The captain shared his tuna expertise during a video for National Geographic earlier this year. During the video, Marciano dropped a seriously cool fact about tuna.

“The most interesting thing about bluefin tuna as a species. Is how fast they can move. We know through tagging studies that these fish can move 800 miles within a 24-hour period,” Marciano said. “When they decided to move from to and from an area, they can literally vanish overnight and show up someplace else, overnight. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it just being a fish.”

The “Wicked Tuna” star is a pro at sharing fish and fishing knowledge to audiences now. However, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, during an interview, Marciano revealed that he and his crew were pretty “reserved” on the boat before the show started filming.

“Before ‘Wicked Tuna’, we were quite reserved when we were fighting fish – we were focused. We wouldn’t say much at all,” Marciano said.

However, once the show started filming, the production crew needed Marciano and his team to describe what they were doing as they were fishing.

“And we had to get into the habit of explaining what we’re doing and why we’re doing it,” Marciano said. “I remember early on, the cameraman said to me, ‘I want you to explain things to me like you would explain things to your youngest daughter. Remember the viewers may not know anything about commercial fishing. It’s your job to help people understand what’s going on.’ That really stuck with me.”

Well, the “Wicked Tuna” star certainly caught on quickly. Now, he’s dropping tuna facts for all us avid “Wicked Tuna” fans.