‘Wicked Tuna’: Hard Merchandise Looks Forward to the New Season

by Joe Rutland

A new season of the popular reality show Wicked Tuna is about to start and Hard Merchandise is definitely looking forward to it.

It is just one of the many tuna fishing boats you see on the show. Well, those who are on the ship shared some thoughts with the public through Twitter.

Captain Dave Marciano and Joe Marciano shared their Twitter handles here, too. Plus you get a neat little TikTok clip with a pooch on board looking down at the water.

It makes some fans of the show look forward to seeing more of these people. You know, watching a show like Wicked Tuna kind of brings you into their world of tuna fishing. Season after season, the show highlights all the activity that happens off the Atlantic Coast.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Dave Marciano Shares Story Involving Him, Son Joe

Speaking of his son Joe, let’s pull up a seat for a heck of a story involving both of them. The fisherman once shared a sweet story of how he bonded with his son.

Then, something changed. “It was about 10 years ago,” Dave Marciano said. “And Joe and I were out fishing. Joe was young and small and had to flip over a fish tote and stand on it to reach the reel. We had been marking fish for hours, and chumming – we must have used up 150 pounds of chum – but we couldn’t get anything to take a hook.”

Well, that kind of stinks. What will dad Dave do? “Joe was using jigs and put on a little pollack,” Marciano said. “He said, ‘That’s gonna get ’em.’ The next thing I knew, the rod was bent. Joe had hooked up this monster. It was a 1,200-pound fish, and it brought in ten grand.

Captain Talks About How He Can Make Sure What He Brings In Is Fresh

“It’s something the two of us will always have as a memory together,” proud papa Dave said. “And even if we’d got nothing for the fish, it would still be a highlight of my career as a fisherman to have that experience with my son.”

What a great story. Now, here’s something else that fans did notice when it comes to Dave Marciano. See, usually, the captains wait until they’ve docked their boats before taking a sample of the fish.

Now one smart fan noticed that Marciano’s fish always have a chunk missing when it gets to the buyer. But he said this is a way that he keeps the buyer “honest” when checking the quality of the catch. “We often check our own fish so we know what we are bringing the buyer. Keeps ‘em honest,” he said on Twitter.