‘Wicked Tuna’ Races Against Ticking Clock to Get Their Catch Assessed

by Joe Rutland

Outsiders who love offshore fishing may know about weighing their fish. “Wicked Tuna” displays one team’s race against the clock.

In a new episode of the “Wicked Tuna” spin-off “Outer Banks,” the Offshore Outlaw team with Capt. Adam Price onboard has to get the tuna weighed. But time is literally running out for them to get it done.

Take a look at this two-plus-minute clip from the National Geographic Channel show. Make note of Price’s reaction to getting his fish there just in time.

It was a close call but they made weigh-in just in time.

Price started his involvement with “Wicked Tuna” in the spin-off’s sixth season. He was not part of the seventh, but returned in the eighth and viewers have been able to track his progress.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Pits Teams Against One Another On ‘Outer Banks’

He’s still looking for his team’s first victory at the end of a season.

Greg Mayer and his “Fishin’ Frenzy” crew have taken victories in Seasons 1-3 and 5. Griff Griffin has captured a win in Season 4. Bobby Earl and “Reel E’ Bugging” notched the crown in Season 6. Tyler McLaughlin and “Pinwheels” took home the Season 7 title.

McLaughlin, though, did not return to “Wicked Tuna” after that season.

“Outer Banks” is currently airing its eighth-season episodes on the National Geographic Channel. Tune in and see how “Offshore Outlaw” is doing against the other tuna fishermen.

Bobby Earl Has Inspiring Story Connected With Boat’s Name

Before getting into tuna fishing on a full-time basis, “Wicked Tuna” Capt. Bobby Earl had another profession he worked in for many years.

Earl, who captains the “Reel E’ Bugging,” had worked on Wall Street and found the fishing life worthwhile. But he discussed that other job in an interview with Screenrant.

He said that “I would sneak away for three months every year to go tuna fishing in the Outer Banks. That was the progression. That’s how the name of the boat came about.”

Say what? Earl added, “My thought was, bed bugs paid for the boat! Reel E’ Bugging.”

So, he said that the other profession in his life was as a bug terminator. You can add it up and discern where the “Wicked Tuna” captain came up with that boat name.

“I couldn’t wait to go fishing so I could get a break from Brooklyn and Manhattan,” the “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks” star said. “My escape was always the ocean. At some point, I said, ‘Hey, I could probably do this full time.’ So we started running charters, etc., and the rest is history.”

Tune in and see where Earl is currently standing among other captains on the “Wicked Tuna” spin-off.