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‘Wicked Tuna’s Sam Law Comes From a Family of Seafarers

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Bill Davis/Newsday RM via Getty Images)

To know that a person on Wicked Tuna comes from a family of seafarers probably is not a surprise. But that’s the story from Sam Law.

Interestingly, the fact that viewers get to see him week after week trying to catch tuna is something, too. Let’s get more information about this from an article by Looper.

On Wicked Tuna, Sam Law and Carrie Law-Jones are the brother-sister duo that helms the F/V Kraken during Season 9. It sails out of Seabrook, N.H. Their grandfather was previously a harpoon tuna fisherman in Maine.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Has Worked Across United States

Now, Sam has worked across the United States on commercial marine vessels. His family history back in New England brought him home to the Kraken. This is according to National Fisherman.

What did he do before returning? Well, Sam hauled jet fuel in 600-foot tanker ships across the Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Hawaii. That’s quite a job right there.

See, the Wicked Tuna star wants to make any trip successful. He has a specific mindset: “Did we get one?”

Experience, Education Help Sam Law While Out Fishing

Where does he get this determination? Years of experience and education. Sam really did work on upping his knowledge base.

Before his work on commercial ships, he graduated from the Maine Maritime Academy. His roots are in the tuna fishing industry. Back that up with years of experience and he’s good to go on Wicked Tuna

This show gives viewers a chance to see the lives of ambitious tuna fishermen. The National Geographic series happens to follow fishermen in New England working to catch bluefin tuna.

The job requires long hours and surviving rocky waters. It also can lead to big payouts in cash. This work on the ocean is quite demanding.  

Season 9 of the show focuses on New England fishing boats. They include the F/V Wasabi out of Saco, Maine, or Fat Tuna out of Beverly, Mass. But one of the show’s most interesting captains has been Dave Carraro.

Fishing has been something that Carraro has done for a long time. It all goes back to his upbringing on the East Coast. He talked with Hollywood Soapbox about growing up in New Jersey.

“I grew up in an area of New Jersey that was very close to the water,” Carraro said. “And I used to go down the docks all the time after school and help clean the boats for a few bucks here and there. I’d clean the buckets, and then eventually I was going out on these boats. They were fishing boats where you take people out fishing for the day.”