‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Dave Marciano ‘Never Planned’ for Show to Be a Massive Success

by Courtney Blackann

“Wicked Tuna’s” Dave Marciano is a tried and true fisherman at heart. The seasoned captain got his start in commercial fishing far before the hit show ever debuted. As someone who loves his job, and did fairly well before the success of the show. Mariano was just happy to be catching his quota of fish.

The adventures out on the open sea, coupled with being able to run his own boat, satisfied Mariano’s need for adventure and stability.

However, the opportunities presented by the success of “Wicked Tuna” have exceeded his own expectations.

“When this all started, I did it for a little bit of money at times,” he said in a 2016 interview with Hollywood Soapbox. “I never in a million years thought it would get to the level where … [there’s] now season five airing, and I’m talking to you on the phone. I just got done filming season three of a spinoff show.”

Mariano said he’s still baffled when he sees himself on TV.

“I never planned on none of it, but it has been an amazing ride for me and my family,” he said. “It’s been very good for all of us.”

The success of the show additionally brought an influx of tourists to the Massachusetts fishing town of Gloucester. Hotels, restaurants and other local establishments have seen a spike in tourism. Tourists have been known to travel from all over the country to see the “Wicked Tuna” boats or catch a glimpse of one of the captains.

“Wicked Tuna’s” Captains Discuss Cost of Tuna

Bluefin Tuna are the largest of their species, weighing on average 500 pounds. Smaller tuna run around 200 pounds, while the species can grow to more than 1,200 pounds.

The captains of the hit show know what it means to snag a monster. Furthermore, they know what the stakes are if a huge bluefin tuna snaps off the line.

So what does a good sized tuna cost?

“A 500-pound fish could be worth as little as $1,500 or as much as $20,000,” Captain Dave Carraro of “Wicked Tuna” said. “It all depends on just basic economics, supply and demand, and another big factor is the quality of the fish.

The “Wicked Tuna” stars venture out to the Atlantic each season, hopeful they’ll make a successful run of the season. While the show highlights the most notable moments, including monster catches and exciting hooks, the crew shares many tedious moments as well.

During its latest season, the most tuna captured were 15, by Captain Paul Hebert and his crew. Each season, the crew that catches the most tuna is declared the “winner”. The hit show also recently expanded its geography into the Outer Banks from Gloucester, Ma.