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‘Wicked Tuna’: What Happened to Captain Dave Marciano’s Boat The Falcon?

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

If you ask the fishermen on Wicked Tuna what their relationship with their vessels is like, they’ll tell you it’s as demanding and rewarding as a marriage. Deep-sea fishing boats require commitment, constant improvement and, of course, a whole lot of love.

However, as Captain Dave Marciano of the former vessel, The Falcon, knows, sometimes, the relationship just doesn’t work out. For that reason, Marciano divorced The Falcon after season eight of the show. For fans, it was hard to believe at first that the Wicked Tuna captain called it quits with his vessel. After all, The Falcon wasn’t even the first boat Marciano had on the show. Hard Merchandise was the captain’s partner on the water for the first seven seasons of the show.

Eventually, though, Marciano decided he wasn’t seeing the results he needed for tuna fishing and decided he needed some major changes in his equipment. In season eight, Marciano debuted The Falcon for her maiden voyage as a Wicked Tuna vessel.

Captain Marciano Switches Vessels for a Second Time on ‘Wicked Tuna’

It took two more seasons for the Wicked Tuna captain to realize that his first relationship was the best he ever had. So, once again, Marciano switched boats at the start of season 10. Hard Merchandise came back to stay. This time, though, he made some changes to improve his relationship with his vessel on the water. Marciano and his crew added a new cabin, new fuel tanks and upgraded to a 500-horsepower engine.

“Over the winter, Joe and I and Jay made a lot of upgrades,” Marciano said. “She’s back, she’s badder than ever, she’s faster than she’s ever been before.” 

And indeed she was. On Marciano’s first trip with the new and improved Hard Merchandise, the crew hauled in a 79-inch, 200-pound bluefin tuna worth $2,000.

During the episode in which he reintroduced Hard Merchandise, Marciano admitted that the past few seasons with The Falcon were not some of his best.

“I think the other guys think I kinda lost my mojo and I don’t have what it takes anymore,” the Wicked Tuna star explained. “With that being said, I think taking the Hard Merch is going to break that bad luck streak and get us back in the game.”

Does that mean that The Falcon was only a rebound boat? Not according to Marciano. In fact, the fisherman says he still loves that boat.

“[The Falcon] is a great boat,” the Wicked Tuna captain shared. “But it’s no secret that the past few seasons haven’t been spectacular. I’m not getting rid of her, but I wanted to make the Hard Merchandise a faster, more comfortable tuna boat.”

Hopefully, for Marciano, this is the last big switch he’ll ever need on the water.