‘Wicked Tuna’: What is the Most Amount of Fish Caught by a Winner in a Single Season?

by Jonathan Howard

The rough and open waters off the coast of Massachusetts are the livelihood for tuna fishermen. Since 2012, National Geographic has brought Wicked Tuna into the homes of America, detailing the winter tuna season from Gloucester. Atlantic bluefin tuna is one of the most lucrative catches in the North Atlantic. Just over a dozen of these fish can fetch upwards of $120,000 for a commercial fisherman.

Over the seasons, different cast members have taken the top honors in total fish caught. There are two men who lead with multiple wins. Tyler McLaughlin has won two seasons out of 10. However, Dave Carraro has to be considered the GOAT of Wicked Tuna. Carraro has found himself on top of the season five times over the course of the series. Both McLaughlin and Carraro have been runner-up multiple times as well.

So, it will come as no surprise that Dave Carraro has the record for the number of fish caught in a season. Carraro led the way in season five (2016) with 22 Atlantic bluefin tuna. When it came down to the total cash taken home for FV-Tuna.com that season, the 22 fish totaled $104,785.

During that season, Carraro edged out Paul Hebert of the Wicked Pissah. Hebert came away with 19 Atlantic bluefin tuna but made quite a bit of money. The Pissah took home $104,611 after the season. While that is impressive, Carraro would go on to finish season six with 18 fish and season 8 with 19 fish.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Dave Carraro Record Money

There is a reason I said Dave Carraro was the GOAT of Wicked Tuna. He has not only won five of the ten seasons, he has not only caught the most fish in a single season, there is more to his record book. Carraro also holds the record for most money earned in a single season. Season three (2014), was quite a lucrative season for Carraro.

By the time it was all said and done that season, Carraro had caught a season-leading 15 bluefin. The second-place fisherman, Dave Marciano was far back with just eight tuna caught that season. That season was quite hard on many of the fishermen, and Carraro made out with more than twice as much money that season than Marciano.

Those eight tuna would go on to fetch Marciano $61,904 for the 2014 season. A decent take after a hard season on the waters. That was more money than Paul Hebert, season 10 winner earned for his 15 tuna. Hebert won the latest season and only took home $53,303. That is the lowest of any season winner of Wicked Tuna.

With that said, the total that Carraro took home for 15 bluefins in season three, was $126,403. Quite the take for a humble fisherman, eh? That success of Carraro cannot be denied, and surely he will find himself in the hunt for the top of the tuna count once again.