‘Wicked Tuna’: Which Captain Has Won the Most Seasons of Show?

by Joe Rutland

“Wicked Tuna” follows the adventures of tuna fishermen battling the elements of the Atlantic Ocean. Which captain has the most wins?

Outsiders love their fishing. So does Dave Carraro, who just happens to hold the mark for most wins with five to his credit. Carraro took home major bragging rights in the first, third, fifth, sixth, and eighth seasons.

Now you might want to know which captain is next in line on “Wicked Tuna” as far as wins are concerned. We’ve got you covered. Tyler McLaughlin won the second and seventh seasons, while Dave Marciano, TJ Ott, and Paul Hebert have won in a single season.

The show, which airs on the National Geographic Channel, also shines a light on the issues focused around the bluefish tina.

Fans of the show can rest easy knowing that “Wicked Tuna” will return for its 11th season. National Geographic Channel gave the go-ahead for another season where the tuna fishermen battle one another for supremacy.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Had to Make Some Major Changes Headed Into 10th Season

When “Wicked Tuna” started filming episodes for its 10th season, there were some issues that captains and their teams had to face. A number of them surrounded the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Feb. 21, season 10 of “Wicked Tuna premiered, and due to the ongoing pandemic, the show had to make some much-needed changes.

National Geographic Channel debuted a 90-minute-long episode called “Keep the Tradition Alive” The show addressed issues that concern life beyond 2020 and the challenges it left behind.

Changes that the pandemic caused included the drop in demand for tuna. Why? Most restaurants either had to close for extended periods or reduce capacity. Prices of bluefin tuna have dropped, too.

Capt. Dave Marciano of the boat “Hard Merchandise” told the Gloucester Daily Times that the season depended on your attitude.

“We didn’t see the prices we saw in the past,” Marciano said, “but it was a fun year to participate in because we wanted it to be fun.”

Marciano Admitted That He Was ‘Happy To Be Able To Work’

Marciano said his crew members are Massachusetts residents. Like them, Marciano is just happy to be able to work.

“We didn’t make the money like past years, but we were fortunate in this climate to be doing anything at all,” he said. “A lot of people are unable to do whatever it is they do, and many restaurants never opened fully.”

Marciano is one of eight captains on “Wicked Tuna.” Between them and fish buyers, the show had to come up with a way not to flood the market but generate profits. All captains agreed to limit the time they sold their catch to buyers to three days per week.