Will Smith Drops Shirtless Snap Admitting He’s in ‘Worst Shape of My Life’

by Halle Ames

Actor Will Smith is keeping it real with his fans with a post that admits he is “in the worst shape of my life.”

At 53-years-old Will Smith can be in whatever shape he wants, and we would still love him.

Self-Love Time

Yesterday, Will Smith shared a little self-love with a candid photo displaying his body. The actor sports an unzipped blue, black, and white jacket and short-shorts, possibly even briefs, with slippers. Smith has an unshaven face and laughs at someone behind the camera.

In the background, a lake shimmers while he hides from the sun under a tree.

Will isn’t fake with his followers about the shape he is in, admitting, “I’m gonna be real wit y’all – I’m in the worst shape of my life.”

Smith has nearly 52.8 million followers, and they seem to have no issue with the actor’s physical state.

One commented, “You’re Will Smith!! You can be in whatever shape you want.” The encouraging comment got over 23,500 likes.

Another fan said, “This is the most amazing post in the history of social media.” At the same time, this social media user said, “Man! You have been in shape your whole life. Enjoy the dad bod with pride! Let’s end… the carbs discrimination.”

In fact, we didn’t come across one comment that condemned Will Smith for his image.

Even some of Smith’s famous friends chimed in.

Arnold Schwarzenegger joked, “Will, you poor baby, I’m crying for you, even though you’re still in better shape than 90% of America. Keep pumping!”

Will Smith Bad Boy For Life

Will Smith has been taking it easy since quarantine, with his most recent movie, Bad Boys For Life, which was released in January of 2020.

Hey, no judgment here! Put your stretchy pants on and get cozy on the couch with a glass of wine. And with over 40 movies under Will Smith’s belt, he deserves the time off.

The third movie in the Bad Boys series, Bad Boys For Life did very well with audiences and critics alike, breaking records for 2020. The film was highly anticipated, debuted 17 years after the series second movie. It came in at number four for the highest-grossing films in 2020 and has since been extended for a fourth movie.

Rotten Tomatoes gave Will Smith and Marcus Burnett’s Bad Boy’s movie 76 percent, and IMDb gave it a 6.6 out of 10.

Keep doing you, Will. We are here for it!