Will Smith Set To Produce NASCAR Rom-Com ‘Clean Air’

by Taylor Cunningham

We’re happy to announce that Bad Boys’ star Will Smith is returning to Rom-Coms—but this time as a producer. His production company, Westbrook Media, is set to film the new NASCAR-themed flick Clean Air with Kick the Habit Productions and Amazon Studios.

Jon Mone (Ted and Battleship) and Heather Washington (The Photograph) will join the production team, and Younger’s Alison Rose Greenberg will be writing the script.

The movie follows a down-on-her-luck sports agent, Lyla, who loses her star racer right before NASCAR season. Feeling desperate, she decides to take a chance on a 17-year-old dirt track racer named Piper Kyte. However, Piper’s father, a former NASCAR champion who famously walked away from the sport, may stand in Lyla’s way.

Smith, who saw elements of Hitch throughout the plot, loved the script and has reportedly been very hands-on. But, he currently has no plans to star in the movie.

Will Smith on Intense Weight Loss

Oscar Nominee Will Smith used the COVID-19 quarantine as an excuse to get into shape, and he’s been documenting his transformation on Instagram.

The star took to social media last May to poke fun at himself to his over 55 million followers. In a video, we see Smith on a spinning platform modeling his so-called “dad bod.” He laughs and says, “That’s so nasty.” Then we see clips of Smith working hard at the gym—trying to shed himself into shape.

The video comes after a post where the 53-year-old proclaimed that he was in his worst shape ever. He’s continued to document his progress, and fans have been appreciating his realness.

“You’re Will Smith!! You can be in whatever shape you want,” commented one fan. ‘Perfect nice looking body,” replied another. He drew so much attention that Tim McGraw’s daughter, Gracie, commented on double standards.

“So, Will Smith is doing this whole thing where he’s like body positive, I gained weight during quarantine…I was reading the comments…it was so many people being happy for him being like chubby,” She said in an Instagram story. “Anytime a woman posts body positivity things, it’s always about how fat they are and I feel like there’s still this double standard about men’s bodies and how ‘dad bods’ are hot and ‘mom bods’ or depression eating bods or eating disorder bodies are not,” She continued. “I think that it’s really unfair and really not cool because we have women who are struggling, I struggle with it.”

It’s been four months since Smith began his public transformation, and he’s still working on his physique. Most recently, in a video on Monday, he shows himself walking laps around a gym with a Fitbit.

“My friend Aaron doesn’t think I can walk 10,000 steps a day. Now I gotta get 20,000 steps on my Fitbit to make sure Aaron doesn’t walk again.