William Shatner Still Isn’t Sure How Spoken Word Album with Joe Jonas Came to Be: ‘A Mystery’

by Megan Molseed

For William Shatner, the project is what he calls a “work of heart.” However, exactly how it all came together, including one specific collaboration with Joe Jonas, is something the actor can’t quite remember. And, says Shatner, it’s something of a mystery.

William Shatner’s newest project, a spoken word release entitled Bill, is described by the performer as being an intensely personal one.

The album is full of stories based on experiences that William Shatner has collected during his ninety years alive. Most of which have been lived within the public eye.

While Bill is a personal project for Shatner, the actor notes that the album is packed with the talents of people the star has gotten to know during his years in the business.

A Big Collaboration Project

The spoken-word project includes collaborations with Robert Sharenow, and They Might Be Giants member, Dan Miller. Both Sharenow and Miller collaborated with Shatner on the album’s lyrics, music, and production.

Also collaborating with the former Boston Legal star on his “project from the heart” are big-name musicians such as Joe Walsh, Brad Paisley, Robert Randolph, John Lurie, and Daniel Miller. And, of course, Joe Jonas. Even if the Shatner can’t quite remember how, exactly, the two came to work together on the project.

“It’s still a mystery,” Shatner said of how he and the Jonas Brothers rocker came to be involved in the project together. “It’s a story filled with mysterioso.”

William Shatner notes that Jonas had a hand in taking the album all the way to its production, in addition to lending his voice to the recent release.

“He did bring it to Republic and Republic brought it to Universal,” Shatner explained.

William Shatner May Need A Sit-Down to Work It All Out

Shatner went on to joke about how someday he would like to meet with his partners – and maybe a couple of other people – to find an answer to this very question.

“What did Joe hear in the preliminary tapes,” puzzled Shatner. “And when did Dan Miller bring him in to say: ‘Joe, why don’t you listen to this?'”

Shatner adds that his partner, Dan Miller was likely the first one to bring the album to the singer’s attention.

Shatner adds that he imagines Joe Jonas hearing the sample pieces and saying: “Oh, Jesus. I like that. I’d like to represent it and I’d like to do a number and here’s the number I’d like to do.”

William Shatner may joke about the conversations that may have lead to the unusual collaborations; however, he is quick to point out that he is very pleased with Jonas’s contributions; as well as Joe Jonas’s hard work getting making the entire project a reality.

“It has a depth to it and his gentle approach is not straightened and yet it’s there,” Shatner said.

“But what Joe Jonas heard and saw, I’ve yet to hear that from him,” the actor joked. “It will be a revelation.”