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Willie Nelson Opens Up About His ‘Wandering Ways’ in New Book

by Josh Lanier
(photo credit: John Shearer / Contributor / Getty Images)

Willie Nelson has been married four times, and to hear him tell it he often wasn’t a very good husband. In his recently published memoir “Me and Sister Bobbie,” the country music legend gets candid about his philandering.

In one instance, Nelson says he had to admit to cheating to his second wife, Shirley Collie, after a hospital bill arrived at their home.

“I tried to play it off as no big deal,” the 87-year-old writes, according to Page Six. “I told her that I had to go to the hospital for something minor.

“Shirley wasn’t buying that for one simple reason. The bill said the charges were for the birth of a baby girl, Paula Carlene, born to a Mrs. Connie Nelson.”

“Couldn’t lie. Was caught flat-footed,” Nelson recalls. “Had to get the words out of my mouth. ‘Connie’s my girlfriend and Paula’s our daughter.’”

Willie Nelson and his second wife divorced, and he then married Paula’s mother, Koepke. But that marriage wouldn’t last either.

“I still hadn’t reformed,” the Red-headed stranger admits, according to Page Six. “I messed up another marriage. My wandering ways were too much for any woman to put up with.”

He eventually figured it out with his fourth marriage in 1991 to Annie D’Angelo. The couple met in the mid-1980s on the movie “Stagecoach,” which starred Kris Krstofferson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Nelson. D’Angelo was a makeup artist on the movie.

“My love for Annie was all-consuming,” Nelson reveals, “but winning her over wasn’t easy. She had to be sure my marriage was over and that I was truly free.”

“You’ve already seen that when it comes to romance,” he continued, “I had a gift for complicating things. But marrying Annie wasn’t complicated at all. It’s about the smartest thing I ever did. I can that because, thirty-four years after we first met, we’re still together and going strong.”

Aside from marital strife, the “On the Road Again” singer gets candid about many topics. Co-written with his sister Bobbie, the book is a dual narrative that follows them from when their parents abandoned them as toddlers through their musical journeys.

Nelson was recently in the news after former President Jimmy Carter admitted in a documentary that his son had smoked pot with Nelson on the roof of the White House.

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