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Willie Robertson Posts New Video of Uncle Si, Says He’s Gotten Fat During Quarantine

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Contributor / Getty Images)

Willie Robertson is giving his Instagram followers an update on his uncle and fellow Duck Dynasty star, Uncle Si. According to the father of five, Uncle Si slapped on a few extra pounds during the coronavirus quarantine.

On Monday, Robertson took to social media to share a video from the Duck Commander headquarters. “Uncle Si after Quarantine…We all deal with quarantine differently,” he captioned the video.


“So I went to the office the other day and, low and behold, guess who was there: Uncle Si,” Willi says. “Now he has been quarantining for several months because he’s not exactly the picture of health. But something really bad has happened to him…Uncle Si has gotten fat.”

The video then cuts to Willie Robertson, Uncle Si, and other Duck Commander employees hanging out in a conference room. Sitting next to Si at the table, Willie jokes with his uncle, “We need a new show where you get all the fat jokes.”

Uncle Si Responds to Willie Robertson on Why He Gained Weight

After laughing at a few jokes cracked at his expense, Uncle Si explains why he gained a little weight. “I was telling ’em the other day, you got to understand, for fifty years I’ve never been limited on nothing. I said, now, I’m limited, I can’t walk very far cause I got COPD,” he said. Then pointing to his stomach, Si says, “Now look at this.”

Si continued by joking: “I ain’t never had this before. I look like a pregnant woman.”

After posting on social media, thousands of Duck Dynasty fans flooded the comments section. Many write that they dealt with the last few months in the same way as Uncle Si Robertson.

“Love that Uncle Si had the time of his life during quarantine lol,” one user writes. Another referenced the famous sweet tea cup that Si carries around with him seemingly at all times. “To (sic) much sugar in them ice teas lol,” the Instagram user writes.

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