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Willie Robertson Reveals Vacation Photos Taken One Day Apart Showing Extreme Weather Changes

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: David Hume Kennerly / Contributor / Getty Images)

Willie Robertson recently enjoyed vacation time in Idaho with his wife Korie. While far away from their Louisiana home, the Duck Dynasty stars experienced a wild change in the weather conditions in only a day’s time.

The father of five took to social media over the weekend to share a couple of snaps. In the first photo, Willie shoots a brooding stare at the camera while decked out in camouflage and holding a crossbow. Noticeably, he is wearing a t-shirt in the first photo.


In the second picture, Willie Robertson is sporting camouflage once again but in long sleeves. Furthermore, he’s layered up in a vest, beanie, and scarf. A layer of snow covers the ground.

“I love the fall, so I had to get up to Idaho for some early season action,” he captioned the post. “These pics were taken a day apart! What are some of y’all’s plans for this fall?”

More Vacation Photos from Korie Robertson

Willie’s wife also took to Instagram to upload a few photos from the recent vacation. She says that two of them enjoyed “living that cowboy life.”


Korie posted the snaps with the caption: “Spent the last couple of days living that cowboy life and loved every minute 🤠 one of us really got in the spirit, ha! @realwilliebosshogcame straight from an elk hunt so he had all camo and hiking boots in his suitcase 😂 #lostvalleyranch.”

In a later post, Korie writes about how “incredible” it felt to spend time together in the mountains.


“Nothing like a few days in the mountains with incredible people giving ‘careful thought’ to how we honor the Lord with our lives,” she writes in part of the caption.

The photos show Willie and Korie on horseback and then another of the two of them posing at a gorgeous overlook.