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Video: Willie Robertson Talks With His ‘God Children’ About Today’s World Issues

by Matthew Wilson
Willie Robertson Talks With His 'God Children' About Today's World Issues
Photo credit: Noam Galai/WireImage

They say kids say the darnedest things. Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson discussed recent world events with two of his “god children.” Robertson asked their viewpoints on everything from the coronavirus pandemic to the upcoming presidential election. He engaged with how young children are handling recent events.


“Today we’re going to talk about world issues and just stuff going on in our country,” Robertson said. He sat on the couch with the two young children in a living room. “I wanted to sit down with two of my good friends and get their take on it.”

When asked how their day was, one of the boys said, “I wished the coronavirus was gone.”

“What’s your take on the coronavirus?” Robertson asked. “What do you think? Is it almost gone?”

“My mom said we always need to wash our hands. Sometimes I don’t, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t,” the boy said. Robertson also asked him what he thought of Dr. Anthony Fauci, an expert on the virus. “Well sometimes I get shots and sometimes they hurt when I get shots.”

Willie Robertson asked the boys what they thought about the presidential election.

As for political debates, the boy supports “the horse.” The donkey is a political symbol for the Democratic party. When Robertson asked why he thinks the “horse” is going to win, the boy said, “Because sometimes they can run very fast. Well I didn’t ride on one. We only have two horses and a pony. We named him Spots.”

The boy remained silent when Robertson asked him what he thought of President Donald Trump. Robertson laughed and said, “That’s kind of a tough one, isn’t it? That’s a tough call. I think a lot of people are feeling what you’re feeling.”

Robertson’s father Phil recently released a video, in which he publicly supported Trump’s reelection campaign. In a video, Phil Robertson described Trump as a “keen” and “shrewd” politician. The Duck Dynasty star also appreciated the way Trump handled foreign powers and government regulations.

As for the boy’s brother, he didn’t have much to say about current issues. Nicknamed “The Monkey Boy” by Willie Robertson, he hyperactively jumped around the couch and onto the floor while Robertson asked them questions. Robertson asked him if he had any thoughts on any issues.

“Nope. Yup,” the boy replied.

“Well you sound like a politician. Which one is it?” Robertson asked, with a laugh. He closed the video by saying he learned a lot from the boys and how they’re processing the world around them.