Wisconsin Brewery Honors Betty White By Donating Funds To Animal Shelters

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

In the wake of Betty White’s death, there have been a lot of ideas on how others can honor her. This Wisconsin brewery is doing it right.

One of the things that White was passionate about was animal rescue; funding shelters, adopting animals that need homes and bringing awareness to the issue overall. Commerce Street Brewery took one of its old traditions and made it into possibly the next best one they have.

The last four years, the pub has allowed folks to buy beers for their friends and buddies in advance. Say your friend Bob didn’t make the fantasy draft in person this year? Well, you can buy him a beer in advance, his name goes up on the board, and when he comes in he can claim the beer for himself.

“They would say, ‘I’m going to buy this person a beer for the next time they come in,'” owner Mike Zupke says. “Which is sort of common being in Mineral Point. And so we started writing names on the board.”

Then, for Betty White’s 97th birthday in 2019, the brewery made a new blonde ale. They aptly named it “Blonde Betty.” Soon after, the first beer was bought for the famous actress. Then, more started to trickle in over the years. Eventually, the number got as high as 40 beers. White would literally never have to pay for a drink in that town.

“They’re hoping if we bought her enough beers, well, maybe someday she’ll come back,” Zupke explained. “Our love for Betty White is really sincere here.”

The connection Betty White had to the town of Mineral Point? Her third husband, Allen Ludden was from the small town.

400 Beers for Betty White

Betty White was a larger-than-life figure in a 5’4″ frame. The town of Mineral Point proves that much is true. They have that small connection to the actress and have now raised almost $2,000 in her honor for the Iowa County Humane Society and other groups. Something that White would be very happy about.

Since her death, almost 400 beers have been bought in her honor. Each one that is purchased at the Wisconsin brewery goes to a great cause. Throughout the rest of the month of January, Zupke and his brewery will be taking donations in the form of beers for Betty. What a great thing for a community to rally around.

“It amazes me how many [beers for Betty] are not from here. It’s people on both coasts and everywhere in between,” Zupke continued. “It’s been just remarkable to me.”

Betty White lived an amazing life and was hoping to celebrate her 100th birthday this month. However, she sadly passed away on December 31, 2021 just before the new year.