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Wolf Van Halen Announces Upcoming 2022 Tour

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Wolf Van Halen and his band, Mammoth, finished their first tour in late October. They spent three months on the road with legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses. He made a celebratory post marking the end of their first outing. In that post, Wolf said he was looking forward to the future. It looks like he got bit by the touring bug and the future is coming faster than anyone could have predicted.

Wolf Van Halen took to social media earlier today to announce that he and his band are hitting the road in 2022, It’ll be a massive tour that spans the entire continental United States. WVH and Mammoth aren’t playing support this time, though. From the badass tour poster he shared, it looks like they’re co-headlining the tour with Dirty Honey.

In the post, Wolf Van Halen said that he was “Very happy” to announce the upcoming nationwide tour with Dirty Honey. He added, “See you in 2022, folks!”

The Young Guns Tour will kick off on January 21 in Chicago. Wolf Van Halen and company will be on the road until early March. The tour wraps up in Indio, California on March 5.

Wolf Van Halen’s Band and Dirty Honey Have a Connection

As the tour’s name suggests, Wolf Van Halen’s band and Dirty Honey are both relatively new bands. Additionally, most of their members are young. However, they have more in common than that. They both cut their touring teeth with Guns N’ Roses. Wolf and Mammoth just wrapped their stint with GNR. Dirty Honey, on the other hand, opened for the legendary band for two nights on their Not in This Lifetime Tour. They played both Las Vegas shows with Axl Rose and his crew.

Sounds of the Young Guns

Those who show up to see Wolf Van Halen’s 2022 tour are in for an eclectic mix of rock n roll sounds. First, Mammoth has a modern rock sound. They’re tight, riff-driven, and heavy. Their sound would have been as welcome on rock radio about fifteen years ago as it would be now. Check out the track “Mammoth” that dropped earlier this year for an example of their sound.

On the other hand, Dirty Honey sounds like a blast from the past. Their sound is the kind of blues-infused guitar rock that dominated the airwaves in the late sixties and seventies. If you dropped their chart-topper “When I’m Gone” in a classic rock playlist, no one would be the wiser. Check it out below.

In his post, Wolf Van Halen said that presale tickets will be available tomorrow, November 4 at 10 pm local time. The password to access those presale tickets is YOUNGGUNS. His website has all the dates and ticket information you’ll need.