Wolf Van Halen Breaks Silence After Band Mammoth WVH is Nominated for Grammy

by Clayton Edwards

“2021 is going to be my year,” said countless people after the nightmarish hellscape that was 2020. I can’t tell you if Wolf Van Halen said that, but 2021 is definitely his year. Wolf lost his father last year on top of everything else that happened. This year, though, he is reaching one new height after another. His dad would be so proud.

For starters, Wolf Van Halen and his band Mammoth toured with legendary rockers Guns N’ Roses. They were on the road together for three months and did a total of 45 shows. Then, WVH announced his own co-headlining tour with Dirty Honey. That will kick off in 2022. Most recently, though, he landed his first Grammy nomination. Mammoth’s song “Distance” is competing for Best Rock Song at the upcoming awards ceremony.

Earlier today, Wolf Van Halen took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the nomination. In that tweet, he said, “To be nominated is an honor in and of itself, but to be in the same category for my songwriting as Dave Grohl and Sir Paul McCartney is absolutely surreal. I don’t even know what to say.” I can’t blame him there. Being mentioned in the same sentence as Grohl or McCartney would be a dream come true for most musicians. However, being nominated for a Grammy alongside them is a whole new level of cool.

Wolf Van Halen went on to thank the Recording Academy for the nomination. Then, he added, “…as always, thanks to everyone for listening. This wouldn’t be happening without you.”

Wolf Van Halen on “Distance”

Earlier this month, Wolf Van Halen celebrated the one-year anniversary of “Distance” on his social media. About the song, he said, “it’s a special song for two very important reasons. A song commemorating my Pop and out bond, as well as being the very first Mammoth release. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life in more ways than one.”

He then thanked his fans for supporting him and listening to the song. He added that he never could have imagined how much support he would get after releasing a song that is “so close to [his] heart.”

“Distance” is a touching song that pays tribute to Wolf’s late father Eddie Van Halen. Watch the official video for the song below. It’s made up of home movies from the Van Halen family and might raise the pollen and dust count in the room. If the home movies don’t do it, the lyrics and the voice mail message at the end certainly will. The Grammy nomination is well-deserved.

The Recording Academy nominated “Distance” alongside four other songs. Weezer’s “All My Favorite Songs,” Kings of Leon’s “The Bandit,” Paul McCartney’s “Find My Way,” and “Waiting on a War” by the Foo Fighters.