Wolf Van Halen Calls Out Critic Who Says He’s ‘Riding His Dad’s Coattails’

by Chris Haney

It can’t be easy being a musician and the son of a rock legend. Once again, guitar god Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, is having to defend his solo music career against online critics.

Ever since Wolf Van Halen’s father passed away, the musician has dealt with constant criticism from fans comparing him to his famous dad. Eddie, who died in October 2020 after battling throat cancer, is well-known as the founder and lead guitarist of Van Halen. He’s universally known as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. So it’s not exactly fair to compare his 30-year-old son’s music to his father’s iconic career.

That said, Wolf is extremely talented in his own right. The musician became the full-time bassist of Van Halen at just 15 years old. The teenager toured around the world with the iconic band playing in front of thousands of Van Halen fans.

Most recently, he released his first solo album under the name Mammoth WVH. Although he played bass for Van Halen, the musician played every instrument on the new record. In addition, he wrote every song. The pedigree of his musicianship is undeniable, but that doesn’t deter some from criticizing his solo material.

One Twitter user recently added to the criticisms. He said that Wolf is “riding his dad’s coat-tails,” and that there’s “many better bands out there.” Eddie’s son didn’t let the comment go unnoticed and answered back on Wednesday afternoon. Wolf disagreed by making two solid points. He not only wrote and recorded his entire album on his own, but every track is a brand new song. They’re not re-recordings or covers of old Van Halen songs. You’ll never satisfy everyone, and Wolf Van Halen has had to learn that the hard way this year.

Wolf Van Halen Receives More Criticism, Blasts ‘Factually Wrong’ Statements

Like we mentioned before, Wolf Van Halen constantly has to deal with fans criticizing his music and comparing him to his father. Back in March, he fought back against “factually wrong” criticism.

Simply put, Wolfgang will never be his dad. Unfortunately for him, the comparisons to Eddie and Van Halen’s music will probably follow him for most of his career in the music industry. However, you can’t blame him for standing up for himself and his music, especially when people are flat-out wrong.

A few months ago, he defended one specific criticism from fans. Multiple Twitter users accused him of using programmed digital drums instead of recording rhythms on an actual drum set.

Wolf made sure to shut those assumptions down quickly. Additionally, since at the time Wolfgang had only released two singles, he asked his fans to at least wait until the album was completed before they condemned it.