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Wolf Van Halen Celebrates Completing His First Tour

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Most of us pick up a thing or two from our parents. It’s not uncommon to see a son follow in her father’s footsteps. As the son of the legendary guitar god Eddie Van Halen, Wolf Van Halen has some big footprints to follow. He has no problem doing that. However, he’s not riding his late dad’s coattails. WVH is out there blazing his own trail. You won’t hear his band Mammoth WVH cranking out a cover of “Runnin’ with the Devil” anytime soon. Fans who come to their shows know they stay well away from Wolf’s dad’s tunes. Check out the video below to get a sample of their sound.

Wolf Van Halen and his band just finished their first major tour. Mammoth WVH joined Guns N’ Roses on their most recent outing. Earlier today, Wolf took to Instagram to celebrate the completion of the tour and to talk a little about the people that made it happen. Oftentimes, the young rocker spends his time online firing back at critics, but he’s too happy for all that today.

Wolf Van Halen started his post by reminding his followers of the size and scope of their newly-completed tour. “3 months and 45 shows later, the first Mammoth WVH tour is officially complete.”

Wolf Van Halen Gives Credit Where It’s Due

Wolf Van Halen might have fronted the band, but he’s not taking all the credit for the tour. In fact, most of his celebratory post focuses on thanking everyone who helped make the dream come true. “Thanks so much to our incredible crew that helped make everything happen,” he wrote. Then, he tagged the other members of Mammoth saying, “Thanks to my boys… for being the best damn band I could ever dream of.”

However, Mammoth wasn’t the only band that Wolf Van Halen had to thank. He also shouted out legendary rockers Guns N’ Roses for taking them out on the road. WVH also gave the all-female rock group Plush a shout-out for opening their shows.

Wolf Van Halen knows that none of this would be possible without the support of his fans. With that in mind, he saved the most important “thank you” for last. Addressing his fans, Wolf said, “Thank YOU for showing up and making each and every show something I’ll never forget.”

Wolf closed his post by saying that he is “eternally grateful” for the experience. Then, he added that he’s looking forward to the future. It will be interesting to see where Wolf Van Halen and Mammoth go from here. Their first tour was with one of the biggest bands in rock history. So, there’s no telling what heights they’ll reach in the future. Keep your eyes on this young man. He has the blood of legends in his veins but it looks like he’s going to carve out his own legacy.