Wolf Van Halen Enjoys Downtime with Bandmates in Hilarious Group Photo

by Samantha Whidden

While enjoying some downtime from the Mammoth’s WVH Tour, Wolf Van Halen took to his social media accounts to share a snapshot of him and his bandmates just hanging out. 

“We tried to take a nice @mammothwvh band picture, but Garrett fell,” Wolf Van Halen captioned the social media post, featuring him and his bandmates hanging out on a couch. 

Van Halen and his crew are set to perform their second show with Guns N Roses at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City. This week, the band will be heading to Louisville next for a Mammoth Headline Show. They will also be performing at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Other stops on the Mammoth WVH tour within the next month include Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Columbia. 

Wolf Van Halen Shares Details About His Debut Solo Album with Mammoth WVH 

During a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Wolf Van Halen discussed his solo album with Mammoth WVH  and the pressures he experienced by being Eddie Van Halen’s son. 

“I was able to [the pressure] out of my mind because I know people that either way,” Van Halen stated about the pressure. He then said that he just kind of puts the pressure out of his mind and he’s making music that he wants to hear. “And I guess we’ll if that’s what other people want to hear.”

Van Halen further explained that he never felt any obligation to follow in the footsteps of his parents. He does play all the instruments on Mammoth WVH and live band. “I do everything I can within the context of the song[s] to really try and make everything shine. Never to a point where it’s overdoing it,” Van Halen explained. “I think that’s where people will be surprised that there are not too many guitar solos on the album. I always make it for the song.”

Van Halen also declared the songs on the album is all him and he figured out who he was as his own artist through the whole album-making process. “I like to joke with my friends and everyone that I never went to college. But this is basically my own little college for me. [I] was making this album and writing.”

In regards to the expectations that others have of him, Van Halen stated that it’s funny the bar that some people hold him to. “If it’s not like, ‘Eddie Van Halen caliber,’ which is the top-of-the-like-kind of thing, then it’s not good enough.” 

Van Halen also joked that there’s a huge bar between “terrible” and “Eddie Van Halen” for his critics. He added, “I’d like to kind of live somewhere over here [near good].”