Wolf Van Halen Fires Back After Hater Says He ‘Whines’ About Death of His Dad, Eddie Van Halen

by Jacklyn Krol

Wolf Van Halen is not taking any negativity from internet trolls.

On Thursday (May 13), a hater tweeted him. “You usually whine than reference your Dad for no apparent reason,” the person wrote. The user seems to be referencing an interview where he was asked about Eddie.

Van Halen had an epic response to the Twitter user.

“My favorite thing is when people respond to articles/interviews of me responding to a question someone asked me about my dad, and then say ‘Wow is he ever gonna stop talking about his daddy?’ like I wasn’t just asked a question,” he wrote.

Van Halen added that whining does not equal “taking s–t from social media doofs”. He clarified that he will answer the occasional question about his father because of his legendary status in music history.

But the conversation didn’t end there. The unidentified user then proceeded to tell him that “now is usually about the time when you say how much you love your mommy.”

Van Halen responded that he feels bad for boomers like the user. Especially “when the biggest insult they can come up with is that I *checks notes* …love my mother?”

He said that he is running out of “good troll content” and wanted something fresh. Van Halen shared that he also believes that some people might think that calling out the trolls could be mistaken for whining. But at the end of the day, Van Halen knows that he won’t handle unwarranted criticism.

Wolf on His Father Eddie Van Halen

After Eddie Van Halen’s tragic passing on October 6, 2020, from cancer, his son paid tribute to him. As an artist and songwriter himself, Wolf released a song called “Distance” to honor his late father. The track features impressive guitar riffs and the music video features home movies.

“It was tough, you know, a lot of crying,” Wolf said of the song’s creation.

Despite being an icon to millions of people, at the end of the day, he was still his father. Wolf wishes that people could have experienced his best friend and his personality.

“I’m gonna keep going,” he said. “Because I know that’s what he wanted, just to keep going.”

Finally, Wolf revealed that his favorite memory of Eddie was featured in the music video. He went through hours of footage from his childhood and family videos. The moment took place when he was seven and they were getting the floors redone in their home. The entire family was hyped up on sugar from soda. They decided to film themselves dancing in their pajamas.