Wolf Van Halen Goes Off on Critics Making Wild Claims About His New Photo With Guitars

by Jacklyn Krol

Wolf Van Halen hilariously trolled internet trolls’ wild claim.

On Sunday, Sept. 5, the Mammoth WVH singer shared a photo of him laying next to guitars. He was covering one of his eyes with his hand. Oddly enough, a select few followers speculated that he was part of the “Illuminati.” The internet has created folklore surrounding the theories.

“The amount of people who think I’m in the Illuminati because I posted a picture with one eye is terrifying and depressing. Like I know people can be dumb, but holy s–t,” Wolf Van Halen wrote. “It’s totally not a real thing you guys. Like really. Not real at all.”

To follow up his clarification, he poked fun at the outlandish claims.

“Do not believe his lies. We are always watching. Pee pee pee poo illuminady [sic] confirmed,” he joked.

To continue the gag, he shared a photoshopped photo of him with the Illuminati insignia over the photo.

One follower asked how he manages to deal with all of the insanity. His response? “By making fun of the dummies. It sustains me.”

Wolf Van Halen: Catching Heat Online Is Nothing New for the Rocker

Wolf Van Halen is no stranger to responding epically to critics and trolls.

He is currently touring as the opening act for Guns N’ Roses as he performs his debut solo album Mammoth WVH. Numerous fans asked him to play some of his late father’s material.

“I’m not fu***ng playing ‘Panama’ for you,” he wrote. In a separate tweet, he noted just how hypocritically their request is.

“I think we should start demanding children of actors to put on plays of their parents’ movies. That’s normal…….right?” he questioned.

While his responses are quite epic and founded, some don’t believe so. A handful of people said that some of his actions were vulgar.

“Some folks have a problem with the way I carry myself and LOVE telling me about it all the time lol,” he wrote. Surprisingly, some of the crude people who fire back at him have photos of his father as their profile picture. Wolf Van Halen takes it in stride and knows that he gets “horrible s–t” on a regular basis.

Sevendust guitarist John Connolly, came to his defense.

“Sadly, the bigger you get, the bigger the target on your back will be,” Connolly said. “Your Dad was a hero to a lot of folks, but most importantly, you….and regardless of the VH fans out there that do or don’t support you for whatever reason, you know the love and passion your Dad had for your love to make music and make a statement, was the most important thing …..period.”