Wolf Van Halen Shares ‘Great Example’ of Why He Keeps Engaging with Haters: ‘Brings Me Joy’

by Jonathan Howard

Despite all Wolf Van Halen does to prove otherwise, there are still haters out there that say he has used his dad’s legend for fame. It doesn’t matter how many songs he writes, how many instruments he plays, those trolls are still around.

However, Wolf is never one to shy away from the hate. In fact, he embraces it and feeds off the negativity. Fans have seen him flip the script on multiple reply guys in the past. Recently, he put on a masterclass in reverse trolling.

As he mentioned above, there isn’t much else he can do at this point. He put together a full album all on his own and then played every single part. That’s more than a lot of artists nowadays would dream of taking on. He doesn’t shy away from engaging these negative fans.

“This is such a great example of why I do this. It’s just me being dumb and turning people’s negativity towards me into making jokes that make me laugh. I literally ANNOYED the guy away from me lol.” That is a great and healthy way to take on the negative comments. He gets them more than just about anyone else.

There is a world where Wolf Van Halen could have played all those Van Halen classics. He toured with the band many times. He knows all the songs. Really, he could make a lot of money and sell out a lot of shows doing that. Just replaying his dad’s music. And honestly, he has every right to do that.

However, that isn’t how he rolls. He is his own artist with his own style and direction. No matter what haters say, he has confidence in his own abilities and puts them on display.

Wolf Van Halen Isn’t Intersted in Your Suggestions

Seriously, why do so many people insist on telling Wolf Van Halen how to live? The parasocial relationship with fans is exhausting. Just this week, Wolf had to dismiss another fan for begging him to finish the unreleased Van Halen album.

The message said, “Please partner with Gary Cerone to finish producing the unreleased songs they recorded for the follow-up album to Van Halen II. The fans would love to hear it and, it would be a really cool tribute to your Pop, don’t you think?” No, no he doesn’t.

Wolf had a great reply.

“For f***’s sake dude. Yeah, that’s a great idea, I should go finish an album I had nothing to do with instead of continuing to work on my own stuff. I love when people decide how I should be living my life, it’s awesome.”

So, whatever suggestions you might have for Wolf Van Halen, save them. Because you might get put on blast and then it’s going to be a bad time for you.